An afternoon with Penhaligon’s: Find your fragrance profile

Step inside this perfectly scented wonderland and discover your perfect partner. Whether it’s to seduce, intrigue or excite, let Penhaligon’s take you on a journey through fragrance and discover the scents you never knew you liked.

I was very lucky to be invited down to my own personal fragrance profiling afternoon with Penhaligon’s.Ai?? Upon arrival I was met by Craig who whisked me into a back room which was opulently decorated with Penhaligon’s labels and beautiful furniture. As Penhaligon’s is a company steeped in history, this really comes across as soon as you walk through the door. I really felt like I’d been transported back into the world of the apothecary and really felt this would be an experience in fragrance unlike any other. I sipped on Peoneve tea, an aromatic, floral blended tea made especially for Penhaligon’s to celebrate the launch of its most recent addition to its fragrance portfolio, Peoneve.

The first step was to discuss my current fragrance favourites. Being someone who’s had flirtations with a few over the years, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what makes an appealing fragrance to me: strong, woody, earthy scents…anything with Oud in is an automatic thumbs up from me. I also like spicy, fresh scents but florals…not usually, unless there’s some kind of spicy edge to it, much like Penhaligon’s Peoneve infact, overly sweet, girly fragrances are not usually my bag. Craig was also interested to hear why I wore fragrance and for me, it’s definitely to make a statement: I love fragrances that create intrigue and especially love to find those rare ones that no-one really knows about.

I then move on to smelling the different notes on offer. Unbeknown to me, whilst this is happening Craig is carefully acknowledging my subconscious reaction to each scent, how much am I smelling it and how long for, what do I say while I smell it and so on. I’m also not told what I’m smelling, this then gets rid of any preconceptions you may already have about a particular scent and allows you to genuinely react to it, a key part of finding your perfect scent, strip away all the advertising, impressions and reputation and just smell the scent for what it is. This whole process should last about 45-60 minutes but to be honest, I could’ve sat there all day talking about fragrances with Craig. He really knew his stuff and for someone who has always had an interest in the world of fragrance, this was a really educational and enjoyable experience for me.

Eventually we come down to three fragrances that Craig has picked out as perfectly suited to me. Each one was sprayed onto my skin and left to settle. Fragrances take on completely different characteristics once applied to the skin so its an important step to apply to the skin and smell after a few minutes to get the real character of the fragrance and how it will work for you.

Juniper Sling: Featuring notes inspired by one of my favourite drinks, Gin, it was no surprise to me that this came up trumps! This is really crisp, fresh scent with a hint of spice, perfect as a day or night fragrance.

Sartorial:Ai??This fragrance has achieved cult status and is no doubt the freshest of all the scents. Based on the scents of a tailorai??i??s workroom there’s an overwhelming scent ofAi??Eucalyptus followed by a real spice in the base. Once sprayed onto the skin it takes a while to settle and it wasn’t until I’d had it on for a few hours that I really decided I loved this scent. A definite grower and a real statement scent.

Opus: This was the most surprising scent to me. At first it has a traditionally sweet scent, something I would usually stay away from but there was something about it I kept going back to. To me it smelt really opulent and ladylike. Perfect for a sophisticated night out and just different enough to still create some drama.

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