Bride-To-Be Blog: The 3 Month Countdown…

Hello all of my fellow bride-to-beai??i??s and wedding lovers out there! It has been a while since my last post but I have lots of exciting things to update you on. I am nearing the 3 month marker until my wedding and things are getting real! The planning has cranked up a notch and emotions are running high (as I am sure you will know if you have ever planned a wedding), but I have also spent some genuinely lovely times with my family, friends and fiancAi??, which is what itai??i??s all about really.

Over the past couple of months I have been enjoying a lot of pampering and other pleasant things like that! As a bride-to-be you can shamelessly spend money on beauty rituals and make-up that you couldnai??i??t otherwise justify, so make sure you enjoy it! Itai??i??s great to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest while you are indulging, as I have found out living in London and planning a wedding near Bristol. Mum and Dad popped up to London a few weekends ago and the girls played make-up and the boys sorted out their formalwear. Mum visited Estee Lauder to find the perfect complimentary make up look for her special outfit (muted lilac lace), and I staked out Laura Mercier for a lesson in long-lasting perfecting make up and happened across the perfect bridal pink lipstick at the same time. Here we are having a lovely relaxing lunch (with Prosecco!) after all the morningai??i??s efforts!

Bride-to-be Blog - Drinks time

If that all sounds a bit decadent, then donai??i??t worryai??i??I also spent a good while last Saturday afternoon playing make-up in the comfort of my Mumai??i??s living room whilst being fed cupcakes that she was practising for the wedding. My sister is getting married this year too and has entrusted me with doing her make up on the day, so we had great fun trialling colours; I would definitely recommend the Urban Decay Naked palettes for any brides who would like to do their own make up. Spending some girly time together has helped us all get excited for the big day and create some really great memories.

Tim and I also spent a fantastic afternoon last Monday meeting our photographer and taking some pre-wedding pictures. I really recommend doing this if you can as it made us more comfortable posing for pictures and it has given us one less thing to worry about on the big day. We also have some great professional pics of us not in a white dress and morning suit, thanks to our very talented photographer Albert! We went to an ornamental garden in Bath for the shoot and dodged some cowpats, saw some ducklings and laughed a lot! Here I am looking a little nervous about the close proximity of the cows (wearing French Connection at House of Fraser)…

Bride to be Blog - Are you ready for your close-up?


So as the time passes I am realising that while you can plan all the tiny details to perfection, your priorities in the build up to the wedding day should be getting your friends & family involved in the festivities and spending quality time with your fiancAi??. However, a few other things I have done this monthai??i??.had 3 hair trials, eaten 9 courses of food between two people at our menu tasting, made 150 name tags on photoshop and spent A?50 on fairy lights (so maybe the tiny details do count a little bit!)

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