Can’t resist: Time to tan

Summer is almost upon us, we know it is, we might not be able to feel it, but we know that the sun is out there lurking, waiting to make a grand summery entrance. So we’ve turned our attention away from our wardrobes for one microsecond, and decided to spend some time thinking about ourselves… us as people… how we are perceived by others… are we too pale? Do we look more like china dolls than sexual temptresses? Should we put down that second sugar glazed doughnut?

Ok, so maybe these aren’t the most profound thoughts, but go on… admit it…. you’ve been thinking them to. That’s right our minds are on getting beach ready, not even beach ready just ready enough to bare a bit more flesh. For us that means hitting the gym every now and again (emphasis on the again) and getting into the fake tan swing.

The top tips for a perfect tan are of course exfoliation and moisturisation (is that even a word?) anyway you get the drift. We favour mousse self tan because it spreads easily and dries super fast. Gradual tanners are of course perfect for a minimum hassle everyday tan. When you don’t have time to apply tan and need something instant apply a body oil instead, you’ll be left with a shimmering glow that will give you an airbrushed look.

So, we’ve got our tan sorted, we’ve got our exercsise regime sorted (sort of) so now it’s time to ponder the bigger questions… can petite girls wear maxi dresses? Are playsuits for everyone? Does purple rinse hair actually suit anyone? So many questions.

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