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Having just launched, Clarins HydraQuench boasts long-lasting hydration and protection, leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and more radiant. We thought we would put this new moisturiser to the test, and took it to our Beauty Review Panel.


I was using a very aggressive cleansing product and it had really damaged my skin. I tried to re-hydrate it with several creams but my skin was still very dry. I have been using the HydraQuench cream for one month (day and night) and it’s really helped to restore my dry skin. It has a very quick absorption rate, so I can easily put my make up on just after. Since I have been using it I feel my skin feels softer, more radiant and fresher. I highly recommend it for those with dry skin.

I was a little dubious about using this HydraQuench cream, as I have combination skin and this is sounded like it was to be used by people that have dryer skin. Instead of using this cream every morning and night, I instead opted for using it strictly as a night cream ai??i?? and I am so happy with the results. Initially, I was worried it would clog up my pores, but I was pleasantly surprised when it actually helped my skin! After going through my nightly skin routine I would smooth it on, it sunk in really easily and left my skin feeling plump and soft ai??i?? and even better, I actually found that after performing my morning skin routine, my make-up went on so much easier. A little goes a long way with this product, so it works out to be really good value for money. I have definitely been converted to a Clarins girl.

My skin is generally dry all over with added patches of extreme dryness that take a lot of moisture to get smooth and soft. Clarins HyrdraQuench has not only given lovely moisture to my whole face, it has fixed my extreme dry areas too! The great thing about this moisturiser is that a little goes a long way. I only needed about a 5 pence piece amount for my whole face making it a great purchase!

I have really dry skin and despite drinking lots of water I need to moisturise religiously – at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Iai??i??ve always got a mini tub of moisturiser in my bag or on my desk at work and in the winter months I usually apply throughout the day tooai??i?? The great thing about this product is that I only actually have to apply it at night time for it to the job. I donai??i??t need to re-apply in the morning (although this might change when it starts getting colder) and unlike most of the hydrating products Iai??i??ve used in the past, it sinks in really quickly. This is the first time Iai??i??ve used a Clarins product so didnai??i??t know if my skin would like it but itai??i??s a really nice consistency and I would definitely use it again.

I have always found it difficult to find a moisturiser which suits my skin as I have a combination of both dry and oily patches. As my skin is very prone to blemishing I can often find that thicker moisturisers which I have used to combat my dry skin can lead to break outs, whereas a light moisturiser just isnai??i??t enough! Initially I tried applying the cream morning and night as suggested, but I found that applying the cream only at night was so much better! The rich but light texture means that the cream is absorbed easily and has left my skin feeling much smoother and hydrated. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry to normal skin, and who like a thick consistency.

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Using this product has transformed my skin. I normally have dry, dull and ai???flatai??? looking skin, with dry patches which makeup sticks to. After using the HydraQuench in the morning and evenings it has transformed it to bright plump skin with no dry patches. My make up went on smoother and did not stick on my dry patches. The texture and consistency takes a while to get used to but you can really feel the moisture soaking into the skin. I would definitely be re-purchasing as not only did I see results but the bright blue bottle looks great in my bathroom.

I usually use a moisturiser for sensitive skin because it is quite sensitive and dry but from the first time I tried Clarins HydraQuench I loved it. The moisturiser was really smooth and silky on my skin and after just one use of the cream my skin felt instantly hydrated. I used the cream each morning and evening, the thick consistency meant I was getting a lot out of it without using too much. It gave off a really nice light smell which felt lovely underneath my makeup. I would defiantly buy this cream to use regularly – major fan!

As I have dehydrated skin I need to make sure I use a moisturiser that isn’t too heavy as I have really bad breakouts with rich consistency product. I saw results from this within about 2 weeks, where my skin was looking and feeling a little brighter, and the consistency is really light, I used it with a serum in the evenings but in the morning used it on its own. The smell is also lovely and I could also see a positive effect on the under area of my eyes. I think it worked best in the evenings as it felt very refreshing after taking off my make up, and in the morning my skin still felt moisturised without being greasy. I would recommend for younger skin and especially if you struggle with face creams that can be too thick.

I get quite dry skin especially during the colder months, but often find that really hydrating moisturisers leave my face feeling greasy so I use them sparingly. The Clarins Hydra Quench Cream doesnai??i??t feel really thick like these other creams Iai??i??ve tried and is absorbed very easily, leaving my skin feeling super soft and hydrated but with absolutely no residue. I have used this cream religiously every morning for the past few weeks and have found that I have no dry patches whatsoever and my make up goes on so smoothly.Ai?? My skin is a lot happier since using Hydra Quench- this will definitely be repurchased, two thumbs up!

My skin is dry and slightly sensitive. If I donai??i??t use a moisturiser my skin can be flakey and tight. Because of this it is quite absorbent so does require quite a thick moisturiser to ensure it is free from dry patches. However, thicker moisturisers can leave a bit of a residue on my skin which can make me look a little oily! I have been using the Hydra Quench in the morning after washing my face, and has kept my skin moisturised all day. I found the consistency a bit more like a gel than a cream which I really like as I donai??i??t feel that it leaves any kind of greasy film on my face. It also means I can apply a much smaller amount to my face which makes the product last longer! I would actively go out and buy this product now I have trailed it and would be keen to see what other product they have in the range! I LOVE this cream.


So, there you have it. Perfect for Dry, Hydrated, Combination and Normal skin, or your skin feels like it needs a much needed dose of hydration, the Clarins HydraQuench leaves you skin ready for the day ahead, and a little goes a long way.

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