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In the run up to Father’s Day we have a wide array of fantastic gifts which are perfect for dad. One gift which is great for the man who loved to look after his skin, is the Clarins Free Gift when you purchase any two ClarinsMen products.

The Men’s products by Clarins are great for the modern day man. Andy, our Fragrance Merchandiser, put the Clarins Men’s products to the test.


Clarins Men After Shave Soother Super Moisture Gel 50ml Clarins Men Total Hair & Body Shampoo

For the past month I have been using the following Clarins products; Hair & Body Shampoo, After Shave Soother and the Super Moisture Gel.

I found the ClarinsMen Hair & Body Shampoo to be highly cleansing, the gel was extremely refreshing and my skin felt revitalised. It was good for me too as it was a two in one multi-purpose product so it saved time and money. I find my skin dry and irritated after shaving so decided to try ClarinsMen After Shave Soother. I found this hydrated the dryness which shaving causes, leaving my skin feeling silky and soothed. Also a little definitely goes a long way with this super product! Lastly I finished my routine with the ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel, which I also loved and will definitely add to my morning regime. The Gel was light and easy to apply onto cleansed skin with the pump; again with this product a little goes a long way. It left me moisturised and prepped for the day ahead against the harsh London elements, and more importantly it didn’t need to be re-applied throughout the day. I would definitely recommend these products and the entire range, as there is something for everyone.


Remember, receieve a Free Men’s Gift with the purchase of any two ClarinsMen products.

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