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Anything with the word ai???acidai??i?? in is never something we will be attracted to, especially when it comes to our skin. But, with celebrities showcasing glowing complexions as if theyai??i??ve never been affected by the night before and put it down to the ever popular acid peels, we want to know more. With key ingredients of resurfacing acids, enzymes and probiotic technology, we had some brave beauty testers try out the Rodial Super Acids Range, and they gave us their honest verdictai??i??.

Nathalie Ward ai??i?? Beauty Buying Assistant

Rodial Super Acid Xtreme Peel

ai???There is nothing more terrifying than applying a layer of cream to your face that bears the name ai???Super Acid Xtreme Peelai??i??. I had visions of a product that would leave my face red and raw which is generally not what I am looking for when I use a product. But I gave it a go nonetheless (the things we do for baby smooth skin..). The effects were amazing; after washing it off, my skin was actually glowing and my moisturiser sunk in in seconds.

As I have dry skin, the glycolic acid in the gel like texture worked an absolute wonder at lifting off all the dead skin cells, leaving behind a radiant, even skin tone. My main bug bear with most peels is that I find the effects are gone the next day and you are back to square one after only 24 hours. This was not the case with the X Treme Peel; my skin was still glowing the next day and even the day after that.

I wonai??i??t lie ai??i?? it stings. It is only a mild stinging ai??i?? if you are made of stronger stuff than me (most people are) then you might just find that it tingles a bit ai??i?? a sign that the fruit acids are doing their job. Either way, despite any discomfort, you are safe in the knowledge that after 15 minutes your skin will be so smooth you wonai??i??t be able to stop stroking your face!ai???

Ellie Brook ai??i?? Beauty Allocator

Rodial Super Acids X Treme After Party Scrub

I headed to this scrub hoping that it would save my face and remove all traces of the wild weekend Iai??i??d had. It definitely worked. The scrub is gentler than the extreme title itai??i??s been given but is super effective at removing any leftover traces of makeup/dirt. You can see any remaining dead skin rubbing away with the scrub, so you know its working. The creamy texture is really soothing and the beads are rough enough to do the job but not that it hurts to scrub away.

As I have quite dry skin, previous scrubs have left me looking blotchy and feeling red raw and so I was nervous to use an ai???extremeai??i?? product on my face. However, when my skin was dry, it didnai??i??t feel tight and I didnai??i??t feel the need to lather myself in moisturiser; I just followed with my normal skin routine of serum and moisturiser.

The only negative I have is the smell; it isnai??i??t scented (which is a positive for the sensitive out there), so I did feel like I was treating my face with something from the kitchen baking cupboard.

Hannah Greenland ai??i?? Beauty Allocator

Rodial Super Acids X Treme Hangover Mask

Using a mask with acid in the title was a bit scary, but my fears were proved wrong by the Rodial Super Acids X Treme Hangover Mask. As soon as I started to apply the mask I could feel it beginning to work. It does make your face tingle quite a lot, but as it dries the tingling is replaced by the feeling of your skin being nicely plumped and tightened. Once itai??i??s dry you have to gently rub it off, which does look a bit strange! When the mask was all rubbed and rinsed away my skin felt amazingly smooth and my face looked much brighter. The Hangover Mask is definitely a perfect Sunday product to scrub away the weekend prepare your face for the week ahead!

Robyn Bailey ai??i?? Beauty Allocator

Rodial Super Acids X Treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads

As a sufferer of combination skin, the Rodial Super Acids Xtreme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads are ideal for many of my skin concerns.. blemishes, oiliness and dehydration. Used in the morning, they create a great base for make up as the oilier areas of my face appeared mattified without drying out the skin. They are also perfect for removing any last traces of make up and dirt following an evening cleansing routine and their cooling effect leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

Despite the scary title, the salicylic acid in these pads gently exfoliates the skin and I have used them consecutively most days resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion. I have also seen a decrease in the number of blackheads across my nose due to their pore de-clogging abilities.

If this is a routine youai??i??d love to try, be in with a chance of winning part of the range by answering this question:

What are the threeAi?? key ingredients in the Super Acids Range?

Leave a comment below to win:

  • Super Acids X-Treme Hangover Mask A?45
  • SPF 30 Xtreme Dark Spot Sun Filter A?45
  • Super Acids X-Treme After Party Scrub A?45

Good Luck!

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