Coping with winter skin


When the cold wind blows, we wrap ourselves up in chunky knits, woolly hats, and hurry for cover. But how do you protect your skin from the icy temperatures and harsh winds outside, and then the drying central heating inside? Winter can be a very trying time for our skin, so you need to pull out all the stops to make sure it stays looking radiant and beautiful.

The face mask:

White gold purifying face mask, A?35, INA Crystals

A face mask will replenish your skin with much needed hydration. Itai??i??s also a great excuse for you to take some time to relax. Use this mask once a week when you and your skin needs a little TLC. This mask is packed full of minerals and essential oils as well as kaolin clay and moringa seed extract. These ingredients are perfect for restoring your natural skin balance and banishing dry patches.

The cleanser:

Extra comfort cleansing cream, A?16, Clarins

When the cold weather hits every aspect of your routine needs an overhaul. That includes a change in cleanser. In the summer months youai??i??re best using a light gel formula that will stop your skin becoming oily and greasy. But in the winter months, it is all about moisture, moisture, moisture. This cleansing cream from Clarins is a bit of a cult classic and we can see why. You work this into dry skin and it instantly gets to work removing all the nasties from those pores, you rinse of with water and skin is left refreshed yet softer and hydrated. Use morning and night.

The exfoliator:

Gentle rose exfoliator, A?24.47, Elemis

Even though the fierce winds can leave your skin feeling chaffed, you will still need to exfoliate once-twice a week to remove dead skin cells. This particular scrub uses smooth jojoba beads and is much less abrasive than other ones. The rose oils will leave your skin feeling soft and replenished, and it smells gorgeous.

The day moisturiser:

Moisture surge extended thirst relief, A?30.00, Clinique

There is nothing worse than using an intensive moisturiser and then having to spend hours trying to get your skin to absorb it, or it leaving a not so delightful residue. This little wonder from Clinique solves all those problems. It is highly moisturising, it can even be used as a face mask, but doesnai??i??t weigh the skin down. Itai??i??s a gel formula so it absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling refreshed, as well as setting a good base for applying make up.

The night cream:

The skincare night moisture recharge, A?42, Shiseido

Sleep time is the best time to replenish your body. And this cream from Shiseido is the last word in replenishment. It is incredibly intensive, and will have your skin springing back to life. Use after cleansing every night for best results.

The serum & aromatic oil:

Hydraskin serum, A?45, Darphin

Camomile aromatic care, A?38, Darphin

Weai??i??ve grouped these together because although you can live without them, your skin can be transformed by them. Darphin base themselves on the concept that beauty is radiance and they have a strict skincare routine. They suggest using a serum before applying a moisturiser to lock in the skinai??i??s moisture. The serum is also a great alternative to a primer and is more intensive.

The aromatherapy oil is intended to be used before moisturising at night. This again really seals in moisture, and replenishes the skin with complexion loving oils. We love this one because it has a fabulous scent which helps you drift off to sleep.

The under eye cream:

Hydra floral gel-cream for eyes, A?22, Decleor

The eye area is so delicate that it is often the worst affected when the temperature drops. It is really important to use a specially developed cream here as it needs to be gentle yet effective. This is a little wonder product, it absorbs quickly, it protects against pollutants, plumps out lines and keeps your eyes sparkling.


Eight hour skin protectant, A?22, Elizabeth Arden

Any skin disasters can be cured by this wonderful potion. We first encountered it after a tough time on the slopes left our poor skin, lips and hands horribly chapped and very very sore. But with a couple of applications of this wonderful protectant we were able to jump back in those skis and crash into a few more trees, but knowing that our skin was looking gorgeous.

Those extra bits:

Lips: Instant moisture lip balm, A?9.79, Lab Series
Hands: Caviar hand cream, A?15, Nails Inc
Body: Vanilla & Bergamot body butter, A?23, Bliss

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