DiorSkin nude tan for hub

With sunshine in hibernation, we’re all feeling a little lacking in Vitamin D and for all known health reasons, it’s better to fake it than bake it. So when it comes to a subtle glow, a trusty bronzer is every girl’s right-hand man.

However, finding the right one is like solving a Rubik’s cube – just too many things to consider to get it right. Lo and behold the DiorSkin Nude Tan, available in three shades, complimenting all ranges of skin tone. Golden, rosy and pink tones create any desired affect.

The breakdown:

Light: An iridescent powder with warm sunny pigments – a few pinks to break up the colour.

Matte: Extra-matt (without the chalk) for a truly natural glow.

Tan: The deepest of the three, this gives you that sun-kissed look to fake a winter holiday or even touch up a summer getaway!

Which one will you go for? Let us know!

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