Fashion Getaways: Paris – Richard Hawkins, Brand Director at Guerlain


Richard Hakins PictureJust a hop, skip and a Eurostar from London, Paris and all of its fashion, food, romance and culture is so accessible. To celebrate everything the city has to offer, we have asked some key tastemakers and those in the know for their top tips on how to get the most out of the city.

From where to eat, what to see and of course, where to shop, all week we will be sharing our conversations with our chosen experts to offer you some inspiring tips whatever youai??i??re in town for. You can also find everything you need for a stylish city break by shopping our Paris Edit.

Richard Hawkins is the Brand Spokesperson and Director of Education and Development at Guerlain. He shares his insider insights in to what makes Paris such an amazing city;


Which restaurant do you make sure you have reservations at?
I have to pick two as itai??i??s a difficult choice! The first is Cuisine at Royal Monceau… the house chicken is to die for. The other is La Petite Maison de Nicole at Fouquetai??i??s on the Champs-Elysee. Their Bourata is a Mexican dish at its very best

Whatai??i??s Paris best kept secret?
Place Furstenberg in the Quartier Latin. The cutest square, and the best place to stroll with your loved one

Whereai??i??s the best place for a date?
CafAi?? Marly – overlooking the Louvre. Get a table under the arches overlooking the square. It is relaxed, chic and always buzzing so no fear of awkward silences!

Where do you head to for the best views?
The Eiffel tower of course, but every corner you turn in Paris reveals a new secret

Whereai??i??s the first place you go when you touch down in Paris?
The Champs-Elysee ai??i?? everything starts hereai??i?? coffee, culture and shopping!

What do you do to relax in Paris?
Visit the Guerlain Spa ai??i?? it is officially the first beauty spa in the world, and today it offers state of the art treatments with the Parisian touch

Whatai??i??s your signature style when youai??i??re in Paris?
I love French designers, which seem somehow appropriate here, but I mix it up with high street. A lot of my style is shaped from visits to Paris ai??i?? the Parisians are so effortlessly chic!

Whatai??i??s the most important thing in your suitcase?
Sunglasses! The Parisiansai??i?? favourite sport is to sit and people watch at Cafe Terrasse without being seen



Whatai??i??s your top tip when flying?
Hydrate! Super Aqua Serum by Guerlain prevents skin dehydration and ensures you arrive ready to glow!

Whatai??i??s your top insider tip for new visitors?
Even if the Parisians seem rude (which undoubtedly some will) the mere hint of an English accent makes them melt, so brush up on the Queensai??i?? English to see the true warmth of the locals!

Which bar do you head to when you want to raise a glass?
Anywhere in La Marais, which is a cool chillout district full of the most beautiful places and people. Alternatively for the best Vodka Champagne, head for Mathis Bar on Rue de Ponthieu

Whatai??i??s the one thing you always pick up when youai??i??re in Paris?
It used to be Pierre Herme macaroons, but now we can get these in London so it would have to be the cheesesai??i?? I would love it to be the bread too, but it just wonai??i??t keep.

What are the top 3 things to do?
A glass of red wine on the rooftop terrace at the Georges restaurant; Breakfast at Montmartre, before the tourists arrive; Buy an artbook at ai???Assoulineai??? or a one off piece at ai???Coletteai???

Whatai??i??s Paris signature dish?
Itai??i??s interesting ai??i?? for a nation of foodies, Paris is so fast that it is undoubtedly something quick. I would say Croque madame

Whatai??i??s the best thing you can do for free?
Walk along the Seine at dusk; the reflection of the architecture in the rippling waters is something dreams are made of

Sum up the cityai??i??s sense of style in 3 words
Understated. Chic. Effortless.


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