Get The Look: Clarins ‘Colours of Brazil’ Makeup Collection

Summer make-up still life

It might not be summer just yet but in the beauty and fashion worlds, it happened months ago. So when we can finally shout about it, we will!

Lo’ and behold, Clarins have launched their new Colours of Brazil makeup collection and our lovely Heather was put forward to try the range out.

Instantly you can see from the eye palette above that this was a new direction for the brand (and don’t be fooled, that is what it really looks like). Stepping into bold hues, the burnt orange was chosen as the base colour for Heather’s eyes…


Working from the centre, out across the whole lid, the colour was built up for a deep but not overpowering look. The dark brown was then buffed into the outer corners of the eyes and along the socket line – although for day time, a light dusting of the orange alone is a really fresh look for day, as you can see from the first image.

To frame the eyes and tie the look together, using a liner brush, the brown was used along the upper lash line both and part of the lower lash line.


To complete the look, the bronzing powder was applied to the face in a ‘3’ motion. Beginning from just above the temples, following the hairline, brush down, along the cheekbone and down again along your jaw line. For extra glow, repeat or add a touch more to the cheeks.

This powder isn’t just one block colour either – mixed with light pink, gold and peach hues, you avoid any heavy bronzer build up and add highlighting affects.


The final touch: Lip Balm Crayon in Tender Coral. A moisturising balm with a touch of summer colour.

Heather said:

“This is the perfect summer collection! Bright and neutral colours have given me the subtle summery makeup I always want to achieve this time of year. I really like the colour of the bronzer and it sits really well on my skin. The lip balm crayon will also be a staple in my makeup bag!”

Bianca Matley

My name's Bianca, Content Assistant on Beauty & Kidswear. Contrary to belief, I love Eastenders but wasn't named after the character... heyday of hoops and ponytail quickly erased from memory. Times have changed (thankfully) and my desk is a mini department store - saving beauty disasters for HoF staff since the start of 2014. I'll also spend part of my time cooing over baby things and loving the excuse to be a kid again, broodiness also ignored.

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