Get The Look: Radiant Rose by Lancôme


As we step into any season, a makeup refresh is always at the top of our list. We’ve got our skincare routines nailed (or at least we should) but trying to look fresh out of winter is always a little harder than we’d like.

That’s where Shehla Shaikh, Head of the Lancôme Elite Team, steps in and takes us under her wing. Sian Stapley, our Core Beauty Assistant Buyer, gets the full cleansing treatment to start off with using this list below:

Galateis Confort

Tonique Douceur

Advanced Genefique

Genefique Light Eye Pearl

Hydrazen Gel Moisturiser

The starting point – primer is key! It not only helps makeup stay put for longer but also allows it to blend in more smoothly, giving you an even more workable canvas.

We know that applying foundation all over our face isn’t a necessity but we all do it. Shehla says, “use Air de Teint with finger tips, focussing on the centre panel of the face, only covering where needed to get the perfect ‘no make-up make up’”. Although that might sound strange to some, the consistency of Air de Teint makes it disappear like powder, so it really does blend into your natural skin tone.


Then it comes to the corrector pen, a handbag essential. For any pesky blemishes or minor touch ups, these things are a life saver for on-the-go. Shehla advised us to “apply Teint Miracle corrector pen in an inverted triangle under the eyes and blend with a foundation brush for instant lift and luminosity” and my word does it work. Ever since this get the look, I’ve been using the technique and it avoids any clumpy concealer build up that you can sometimes get.


Bronzer brushes down at this point, ladies. Instead, use a neutral shade in the blush palette and contour the natural shade of the cheeks, lightly washing over eye lids to compliment your eye colour. Although the look isn’t as deep as when applied with bronzer, it makes your skin look much brighter and fresher.


Rather than a black liner, reach for a creamy Taupe/Brown instead – it really helps widen lighter eye colours and is much more day-friendly than a heavy black. Pencil along the lash line, pulling upwards and outwards to elongate the eyes and you can also apply more of the neutral blush to add more colour if you wish. Finish off your eyes with mascara, pushing into the roots of the lashes and wriggling through to build volume and brush through your brows with a pencil to create more definition.


Last but not least, Shehla advises, “using the blush brush, lightly air brush the blush onto the apples of the cheeks using a circular motion and skimming the skin.” Be warned; you might look like a slightly overenthusiastic painter at this point (especially if you’re attempting this on public transport) but it’s worth it!


To complete the look, you will need:

La Base Pro

Air de Teint

Teint Miracle Pen

Poudre Majeur

Blush Contour Palette

Brow Pencil

Waterproof Khol

Will you give it a go? Let us know!

Bianca Matley

My name's Bianca, Menswear Editor. Contrary to belief, I love Eastenders but wasn't named after the character... heyday of hoops and ponytail quickly erased from memory. Times have changed (thankfully) and although I love beauty, I equally love a good men's oxford shirt and jacket or two, for myself of course. You'll now find me flicking through men's magazine pages and my favourites list is increasingly becoming male dominated. Dare I say, there's a lot to learn from their style...

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