How to Rescue Dry & Damaged Hair


When it comes to damaged hair, it’s often rather difficult to salvage those once luscious locks and inject some life back into them. Enter Aveda, who offer their Damage Remedy collection, specifically made for hair which has taken too much heat.

Our Category Executive Emily put Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo, Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment and Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner to the test…


I have really damaged hair from last summer, which is when I decided to change to a light brown colour. It was something Iai??i??d wanted to do for years and I finally found a hairdresser who was happy to bleach my dark brown hair, which Iai??i??d previously been dying for years. I loved the colour for about 4 months and then I dyed it back to dark, as it was far too difficult to maintain. My hair has never been the same since it was bleached… my roots have had time to recover, but the ends and bottom part of my hair still continue to look dry. Although I probably should have, Iai??i??ve never got round to buying a hair repair shampoo, so was keen to see how this Aveda hair care routine would work for me.

Firstly I used theAi??Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo with the Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner. As soon as Iai??i??d used the shampoo, my hair was instantly smoother. My hair tends to knot very easily but I was able to run my hands through my hair as I was shampooing, which was such an improvement! TheAi??Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Treatment was like a hair mask and needed to be left on for 3-5 minutes. Again, my hair was super soft once Iai??i??d rinsed this off.Ai?? The Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner was just as good as the Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, as it was a very nourishing conditioner which left my hair feeling amazing.

When I dried my hair I definitely found it to feel a lot softer, while looking healthy and having a good shine to it. In the past Iai??i??ve noticed my hair is a noticeably softer the first few times I used a new shampoo, while becoming immune to the nutrients over time. This wasnai??i??t the case with Aveda, as I got the silky smooth effect every time I washed my hair.

I donai??i??t tend to wash my hair everyday, but as I wanted to give theAi??Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair a go I decided to start washing my hair more frequently to see what happened. I used the daily leave-in treatment on wet hair just before I dried it, and it claimed to instantly repair damaged hair, helping to protect from heat styling while de-tangling to help prevent further damage. As I will always use a hair dryer each time I wash my hair (and straighten and curl most days) I thought it would be a product to start using andAi?? I was really impressed with it as my hair was left feeling so soft with absolutely no greasy feeling!

Iai??i??ve 100% noticed a change in my hair, and all in all it feels so much healthier. All the Aveda products are generous in size, and Iai??i??ve found you donai??i??t need to use a great deal at a time.

Alice Carroll

I'm Alice, Al or, if you are the five year old me, Ice (yes, I did want to be a member of Kris Kross, and yes, I did wear my jeans backwards). Womenswear Editor at House of Fraser Online, I've grown out of backwards clothes and instead chose to invest my money in vintage sportswear and bomber jackets, while inking my body with unnecessary tattoos and rapping along to every word of The Streets - Original Pirate Material. My proudest moments were seeing a shoot I styled in my favourite magazine and getting a three-dart-finish in a game of darts. Oh, and Bart Simpson was my first crush.

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