How to Tame & Manage Perfect Curls


When it comes to achieving those perfect curls, it all depends on the products you use. Even if you’re blessed with voluptuous and curly hair, it’s important to manage them to get the most out of what you have.

Aveda’s Be Curly hair range strives to give you frizz-free, curly hair with their extensive range of products. Our Online Designer, Jess, put them to the test…


Like most people with curly hair, I too am looking for that elusive product that promises to fight frizz, lock in moisture and define curls. Those of us with curly hair know that some days are wonderful with healthy, full curls sitting perfectly and others are disastrous messes of frizz and fly-ways. The Aveda Be Curly collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, two curl enhancing creams and even a hairspray, promises to dramatically reduce frizz and define curls.

I used the Be Curly Shampoo with the Be Curly Conditioner and given the rave reviews I was very excited to use both of these products. My hair did feel healthy and soft, being much easier to style with the rest of the Be Curly collection. Before drying my hair, I used theAi??Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion on wet hair as instructed. The product includes wheat protein and organic aloe blend which expands when the hair is wet and retracts when dry to enhance curls. I applied this from my ears down, only using it on the lengths of my hair. My hair was glossy and almost frizz free, something I find a lot of curling creams fail to do.

Once dry, I applied a pea sized amount of the Curly Curl Control to each section of hair before curling. The cream defined each curl and using it along side theAi??Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion was great as my frizz was no where to be seen! You only need a small amount, which I recommend you apply evenly to individual sections of you hair in order to tackle every last frizz prone curl. Itai??i??s not greasy or sticky and I honestly havenai??i??t found a better product to define my curls. Itai??i??s brilliant for in between washes and works both on my natural curly hair (which I havenai??i??t dared to go outside with for a long time!) and styled curly hair. This product, for me, is the best in the range.

To add a finishing touch to my curls I used the Curly Enhancing Hair Spray. This is one of the best hair sprays for curly hair I have ever used. A lot of hair sprays make my hair stiff and dry; this product has enough hold to make sure your curls stay intact without being sticky, crunchy, or heavy. My hair looked healthy and defined whilst giving a medium-light, flexible hold for a more natural look. I used the enhancing spray from the middle to ends of my hair and scrunched using my fingers and I found that this gave the curl an extra boost and was also a fantastic trick for creating curl that has become limp during the day. I can spray this before going out and restore some of the curl lost by the day.

The Aveda Be Curly range on the whole has been a great addition to my hair regime. When applying the products I would suggest that you go for a less is more attitude, as this is when the products really do shine. Itai??i??s a great range for healthy looking curls that have a natural bounce and the days of frizz are thankfully no where to be seen!

Alice Carroll

I'm Alice, Al or, if you are the five year old me, Ice (yes, I did want to be a member of Kris Kross, and yes, I did wear my jeans backwards). Womenswear Editor at House of Fraser Online, I've grown out of backwards clothes and instead chose to invest my money in vintage sportswear and bomber jackets, while inking my body with unnecessary tattoos and rapping along to every word of The Streets - Original Pirate Material. My proudest moments were seeing a shoot I styled in my favourite magazine and getting a three-dart-finish in a game of darts. Oh, and Bart Simpson was my first crush.

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