Just Arrived: Exclusive La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain

Weai??i??ve wanted to scream and shout and let it all out ai??i?? and finally we can! Our exclusive La Petite Robe Noire range from Guerlain has officially launched at Hof. Itai??i??s out with the old and in with the new as La Petite Robe Noire has a colour revamp with 20 fantastic shades. The lipstick and nail colours are seductive , feminine and mischievious ai??i?? just what you need in the run up to Valentineai??i??s Day.

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When you apply the gorgeous shiny lipsticks, you get a 3-in 1 texture:

1. Buildable colour:

One layer for a natural effect in the morning, two layers for a casual chic effect during the day, and three layers for a sophisticated, glamorous effect in the evening. The cocktail of fine oils contained in the formula ensures easy and intuitive application.

2. Scented colour:

A delicious Fruity Floral scent inspired by the heart notes of La Petite Robe Noireai??i??s fragrance and an

exquisite flavour attract tender or passionate kisses.

3. Ultra-shiny colour

The selection of POP pigments (pure and ultra-luminous pigments), which are subsequently coated with a specific resin, delivers a shiny lacquer effect.


The Must-Have shades



This perfect first lipstick is subtly set off with a veil of shimmer. Enriched in eosin, it reveals the natural colour of the lips to deliver a tailor-made twist.



This delightful fuchsia ai??i?? bolder than a traditional red, more vibrant than a pastel ai??i?? is applied in a single coat for a luminous result. Three successive layers give a fluorescent ai??i?? almost neon ai??i?? pop effect.



With a hint of orange, this bright and cheerful red flatters the complexion, bringing warmth to the cheeks and creating a healthy glow. Exactly what a Parisian is looking for on a night outai??i?? no one will be able to resist it.



It may look a little surprising in the bullet, but it only leaves a very light stain. Eosin, which reveals the lipsai??i?? natural colour, provides an irresistibly shiny ai???ai???bitten lipsai??i??ai??i?? effect. It is perfect, too, as a top coat, creating a ai???smokyai??? feel that gives the shade a more sophisticated, rock vibe.



All About Those Nails…

For irresistible nails look no further. This nail polish immediately stands out with its ultra-shiny finish. When the solvents evaporate on application, the nail polish reveals a sweet gourmand fragrance with accents of red berries and petals, in line with La Petite Robe Noireai??i??s original accord. The scent, which lingers for 24 hours, is exuded once again by adding a single layer of top coat. And thanks to a specific resin that guarantees the filmai??i??s elasticity and suppleness, the formula delivers an exemplary hold.


Lauren Carbran

I’m Lauren, Online Editorial Assistant for Beauty & Kidswear at HoF. By night I’m an ice skater, so I’ve been training a few times a week for the last 15 years. As you can guess this meant I grew up around a lot of hairspray and glitter, hence my love for all things beauty (Urban Decay and M.A.C are my saviours!). The rest of my time is either spent devouring feta, beetroot and quinoa salads, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker or getting broody over super cute kids’ clothes.

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