Kyoku for men:Men’s grooming tried and tested


I love toiletries, menai??i??s grooming products, whatever you wish to call them, I love them!

So when the lovely ladies in the Beauty department at workAi??asked me to trial Kyoku For Men (a online exclusive), I jumped at the chance.

Designed specifically for men’s skin by Asim Akhtar, Kyoku for Men combines cutting-edge skincare technology with effective natural ingredients. The products incorporate ancient Japanese knowledge of the active properties of natural extracts with up to the minute scientific research. Kyoku has successfully managed to create a luxury grooming line perfect for the active urban lifestyle.

Trial timeai??i??

Wind body wash

The body products range is broken up into the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water, which all have different but equally enticing scents. I picked Wind which comes in a slick bottle with a push top lid (which was a bit fiddly).

Once successfully decanted the green tinted liquid that oozed from the bottle smelt wonderfully fresh. Perfect for awakening your senses in the morning. The fresh light herbal scent smelt naturally clean and not overtly synthetic as with some shower gels. I found the body wash didnai??i??t lather up as Iai??i??d expected but this wasnai??i??t an issue, just a point of difference.

If I had to use one word to sum up this product itai??i??d be ai???invigoratingai??i??.

Ai??WindAi??body scrub

The liquid was clear with microbeads that gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin.

Some scrubs can be too harsh but this was perfect for my face as well as my neck and shoulders. I always use a scrub before shaving as this lifts the hairs.

The body scrub felt wonderful and my skin was left feeling refreshed whilst my face was sufficiently prepped for the next stage.


The shave

As winner of ai???best shave productai??i?? at the 2011 GQ Grooming Awards the Kyokuai??i??s sake infused shave crA?me was one of the products I was most keen to trial. It came inAi??a large pot that sits smartly on your bathroom shelf.

This smooth mint green hued crA?me had a pearlised sheen to it which I found rather inviting. The crA?me spread easily over my face with use of a bristle brush (but the packaging assures that you can also use your fingertips).

When I had finished sweeping my razor around my stubble I instantly noticed a subtle and pleasant tingling sensation that made my skin feel as if itai??i??d had something of a renaissance.

Like all good men I quickly followed up my shave with a balm.

Razor repair balm

This light balm blended in well into my skin and unlike a lot of post balms was not at all oily and did not leave my hands covered in gunk. My skin now felt smooth and fresh.

The finishing product was an oil control lotion. I have naturally oily skin, which is great for warding off the wrinkles for a few years but is not pleasant with the much dreaded shine that so many of us men have to cope with.

I applied this to the bridge of my nose, forehead and the cheek area directly below my eyes as these are the areas prone to oiliness. The lotion was easily absorbed and left my skin soft, matt and ready for my busy work day ahead. I had just one product left to try.


The lip fuel

With SPF15 this avocado oil, peppermint and green tea leaf balm imparted a gentle softening and energizing feeling to my lips with a rather pleasant yet subtle tingling.

My lips were moisturised without looking girly and glossy.

All in all I really enjoyed the products. They gave my daily grooming routine a compacted feeling of a spa treatment. An excellent menai??i??s grooming product range perfect for those who pride themselves on exquisite self maintenance.


If you buy one thing make sure itai??i??s Kyoku’sAi??Ai??Sake Infused Shave CrA?me. You won’t be sorry you did.

Click here to check out Kyoku for yourself.

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