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Illuminating sparkle aftersun cream, A?20.00 for 200ml, Biotherm

Why is it that we think the British sun can’t burn us? It’s theAi?? same sun that shines on the Maldives and yet we seem to think we’re invincible and can’t get burnt… oh how very wrong we are. We were admittedly rather careless this weekend, and indulged in rather too much sun… leaving us not only with a heat rash but also some rather embarrasing and horrid sunburn. Well it’s our own fault for not wearing enough sun cream, and it won’t be a mistake we’ll be making again anytime soon.

If you were as silly as us and need a skin cooling fix then check out our favourite aftersuns:

1. Clarins’ SOS sunburn soother, A?24: This balm is incredible at treating really sore sunburn, and a little goes a long way.

2. Biotherm’s illuminating sparkle aftersun, A?20: Great for applying to sun parched skin, giving a nice sheen it draws the eye away from the redness.

3. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess moisture tan enhancer, A?21: This soothes skin and helps build your tan with a little self tanning agent.

4. Shiseido’s after sun soothing gel, A?25.50: This is so cooling, it’s a dream, keep it in the fridge to make it extra cool.

5. Clinique’s after sun rescue with aloe, A?17.00: Amazing at reducing peeling, it leaves skin feeling super soft.

ooo doesn’t that feel better….?

But remember: don’t rely on an aftersun to make up for lack of suncreen, always wear at least SPF15, and stay out of the strong sun.

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