My Shiseido Facial (and jaunt as a Beauty Editor)

When our lovely Fashion & Beauty Editor, Sam, was poorly last week and unable to attend her Shiseido facial, I did what any gallant colleague would do. I stepped in, rolled my sleeves up and bravely took my position on the treatment table.

And, as someone with only one past experience of a facial, it’s fair to say I had mixed feelings about it. Will it give me spots, will my spots give my beautician the heebie-jeebies and will I honestly be able to review a beauty procedure, which I’ve never quite bought into (I’ve always been of the opinion that spare cash should be spent on clothes and shoes over makeup and treatments).

So, here’s the result of my day as a Beauty Editor:

On arrival at the store I was greeted by Tundeep Kundi, the friendly manager of the Shiseido team at Oxford Street, who assessed my skin with a technical consultation machine prior to the treatment.

The machine worked by taking close-up magnified images of my skin and then comparing my skin type, vitality, wrinkles, elasticity, texture, cell turn over and melanin with images of how skin should look for someone of my age. Despite the scary wrinkly look of some of the samples (which Tundeep assured me was normal) my skin tests came back with average scores – the only slight surprise for me was that, having always considered my skin as ‘normal’, it showed as being slightly on the dry side.

Once the initial consultation was complete, I was given the Yutaka Beauty Ritual treatment, a 1 hour and 15 minutes long premium facial using two exclusive products from Shiseido’s ‘Future Solution LX’ products.

(I’m told that the purpose of the Future Solution range is to combat ageing and hydrate tired skin using a powerful ingredient called Skingencell 1P which represses the production of Serpin B3 – a negative skin factor found in dry, stressed or damaged skin.)

The facial itself was extremely relaxing. It started with a gentle double cleansing procedure, to ensure my skin was squeaky clean and then went on to include tsubo pressure point massage (super relaxing) and Japanese hot and ice cold towels to invigorate my skin. It also included a revitalising eye mask - which I’ve since gone back and bought!

Once the treatment time was up, I looked in the treatment mirror and was genuinely surprised – I was visibly glowing (but not in a greasy Brit-abroad kind of way) and my skin felt incredibly smooth to the touch.

If you’re looking to incorporate facials into your skincare routine, then I would highly recommend Shiseido.

The Yutaka Beauty Ritual treatment costs £50 to book but that cost is redeemable against any two skincare products you buy from the Future Solution LX range.

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