New Brand: Murad

howard muradIf you havenai??i??t heard of cult US brand Murad yet, get ahead of the rest of the beauty crowd and learn why these simply packaged products are migrating across the pond.


The brain child of dermatologist, pharmacist, researcher and author Howard Murad, these innovative skincare products are produced using clinically proven techniques and can bring about results in as little as two days.


Murad products are enriched with carefully selected ingredients to visibly reduce signs of environmental damage and skin pollution and promote healthy, radiant skin at any age.

murad blp


Whether youai??i??re looking to reduce signs of ageing, prevent skin damage, add moisture to dry skin, or treat spot prone skin, one of Muradai??i??s twelve ranges will provide the skin solution for you.


Murad has grown in the US from an exciting skincare brand using industry expertise and ingredients such as avocado, fruit oils and pomegranate seeds into a way of life that has helped people drastically improve their skincare regimes.


Ready to get involved in this skincare revolution?


Weai??i??re happy to announce that we are now stocking Murad online; shop the products here.

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