New Collection: Shu Uemura Kimono Collection

Art meets beauty in shu uemuraai??i??s 2012 artist collaboration series with celebrated Japanese contemporary kimono artist mamechiyo.

A master of contemporary beauty, Japanese make-up artist and pioneer Mr. Shu Uemura brought a state-of-the-art approach to beauty. Following Mr. Shu Uemuraai??i??s guiding philosophyai??i??ai???art is a way of lifeai???ai??i??shu uemura and mamechiyo come together to celebrate the beauty of a Japanese spring with a special collection of emblematic cleansing oils and UV under base mousses eachAi??with its ownAi??poem of sweet spring blooms.

Just like Mr. Shu Uemura gave freedom to his creation, mamechiyo fuses tradition with a modern sensitivity. She updates traditional Japanese elegance with a modern pop flavor, knowing no boundaries and always seeking inspiration from the Japanese esthetic. ai???Kimono Ai?? la modeai??? fuses kimono as a fashion item into a shu uemura collection, bringing a new beauty just like the beautiful blooms that appear each spring.

Bring art, joy and freedom to your world of skincare and make-up, a world full of playfulness and sensitivity from contemporary Tokyo for spring 2012.

shu uemura Mamechiyo Classic Cleansing Oil – Welcome the coming season adorned with the floral beauty of wisteria. The delicate texture cleanses skin while keeping the natural balance of moisture. Petal soft skin is enveloped in a romantic sensuous aroma for a cleansing experience.

shu uemura Mamechiyo Underbase Mousse – mamechiyoai??i??s vision of the beauty of women reveals the flamboyant and supple mind of wisteria together with a pop yellow. This airy soft mousse in an ultra light tone intoxicates your skin with a thin veil of spring.

shu uemura mamechiyo Fresh Cleansing Oil – mamechiyoai??i??s sweet dreamy vision reveals the beauty of sakura in full bloom as they sway in the wind. This limited-edition fresh cleansing oil gently melts on your skin and washes away pore concerns. The graceful sakura scent invites you into the fuzzy dream of spring with a simple cleansing experience. For smooth and refined skin.

shu uemura mamechiyo Underbase Mousse – Celebrate the cute attractiveness and undeinable elegant beauy of sakura metamorphosing with the pink stripes of mamechiyoai??i??s modern world. This soft mousse with soft pale pink petal tones covers the skin softly inviting in aAi?? dreamy and rosy complexion.

Take a look at the gorgeous new shu uemura kimono collection today.

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