New! Tried & Tested: Sisley SisleYouth

SisleYouth by Sisley anti-aging skincare

When is it the right time to start using anti-aging skincare? This is a question that has been on our lips for a while indeed.

I believe that I must have tried my first anti-aging product at the age of eighteen or so, and of course this beauty concoction promised me eternal youth and total elimination of wrinkles – not that I actually needed to worry at that age. But, who is to say that any anti-aging skincare for mature skin is beneficial at all to young skin, with few or no visible signs of aging?

Enter SisleYouth by Sisley, the very first anti-aging treatment suitable for women as young as 25. Rich in peptides, it defends the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate, protects against harmful external, pollutions and reduces the earliest signs of aging, smoothing out fine lines and preserving the skin’s moisture for up to eight hours.

So, eagerly we put SisleYouth to the test! Here’s how we fared…


Georgia Pearson, Marketing Assistant – CRM

‘This product is fresh and light, so it’s perfect for daily use. It left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished and after 3 weeks of using the lotion I have definitely noticed a difference. SisleYouth is a great product for someone looking for their first anti-aging cream that will reduce first sight of wrinkles and improve tone.’


Zoë Crosthwaite, Human Resources

“SisleYouth has a nice scent and after using it for three weeks I did notice that it had made my skin firmer, so I am sure it would keep my skin feeling youthful if I was to continue using the product in the long term. Although, I didn’t feel that it kept my skin moisturised enough for the cold winter months.”


Heather Perry, Online Category Executive – Beauty

“I am very impressed with Sisley SisleYouth, I have been using this for three weeks now and my skin feels firmer and smooth. I am glad there is now a product helping younger skin target signs of aging, usually I find anti-aging products to be quite thick or oily creams, but SisleYouth is light and not sticky.

It has a lovely fragrance that I find quite calming. I apply this every evening after cleansing and toning, one pump of the moisturiser is enough to cover my face. This is a great skin care product that I would definitely recommend to young adults wanting to look after their skin.”


Emily Farley, Online Content Coordinator

“I have been using SisleYouth as a moisturiser for the day; it is perfect as a light base to apply makeup to, though it is not quite moisturising enough to use as a night cream, especially in the winter. It makes the skin feel very fresh, soft and is also ideal for young women looking to start using a product with anti-aging benefits.”


Discover Sisley SisleYouth for yourself!

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