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The most effective way to tackle your skins imperfections is to address your skincare regime, which can be done by using products which target problem areas. However sometimes your skin needs a gentle nudge in the right direction… and the best way to do this is by using a miracle face mask. Step up Origins, who believe that you can target different areas of the face with different skincare masks; effectively multitasking your face masks.

We rounded up four willing guinea pigs to put this theory to the test!



What Origins Masks were you using?
I used Clear Improvement and Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

What were the masks targeting?
Clear Improvements is an active charcoal mask which targets clogged up pores, whereas Out of Trouble targets oily skin prone to spots

Where on your face did you use each mask?
I used Clear Improvements around my nose area, and Out of Trouble on my whole face, as my skin tends to be oily during the summer months

Have you noticed an improvement in your skin?
The combination of these two masks is ideal for my skin as in the summer my face tends to get a bit oily. I was worried that the charcoal mask would have a strong smell, but it’s actually very natural and lovely on the skin. The Out of Trouble mask felt amazing and completely refreshed my skin,  which definitely feels cleaner. It looks like my blackheads are nowhere to be seen after two weeks!



What Origins Masks were you using?
I used the Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask and Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

What were the masks targeting?
Blemishes and oily skin

When did you use the masks?
I used Out of Trouble every three or four days, and Drink Up Intensive once a week overnight

Have you noticed an improvement in your skin?
These two masks have been surprisingly effective! I have really sensitive skin and am prone to break outs – I normally see a slight irritation or reaction when using new products but I’ve not had anything like that with these. Best of all, I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is clearer and my makeup is going on a lot smoother than normal!



What Origins Masks were you using?
The Clear Improvement Mask and Drink Up Intensive

What was the masks targeting?
The first is for clogged pores, the second is for dry skin.

Where on your face did you use each mask?
I used Clear Improvement around my nose and chin where my pores are more prominent. I then used Drink Up Intensive around my eye area and any dry patches I had.

Have you noticed an improvement in your skin?
I suffer from blackheads on my nose and chin, so the first mask was aimed at removing the excess oil and dirt. I also have slightly dry skin around my eye area, so the second mask was aimed at moisturising these stubborn areas. I really enjoy using face masks, so it was a real treat to try these out. My skin felt cleansed and really soft after every use, and I would definitely recommend them.



What Origins Mask were you using?
I was just using one, which was the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, but I was using this as a quick mask and an overnight mask.

What was the mask targeting?
Dehydrated skin

When did you apply the mask?
I was going away on holiday, and tend to find that my skin gets dehydrated when flying because of the recycled air. I applied this as soon I got on the plane, and also once a week before I went to bed.

Have you noticed an improvement in your skin?
This is one of the best masks I’ve ever used! It is great that your skin absorbs it, rather than having to wash it off. As my skin is very dehydrated I found this intensive mask was brilliant at rehydrating my skin, and is great if you have been on a night out or going on a flight.





Have you tried any Origins face masks?

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