Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream Review


CC Cream is taking over the beauty world by storm; Origins Smarty Plants being the newest addition.

The Smarty Plants CC Cream (or complexion corrector if you will) contains SPF 20 and is full of natural ingredients. We put this super cream to the test…

I have now been using the Origins CC Cream for a week and it has been quite warm and humid in London. I have combination/oily skin so I have been a little bit sceptical about using CC creams as I normally prefer a more matte finish for skin bases. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this version! On the box it claims that it controls oil and minimises pores and I would have to say I agree with this; I only needed to use powder to blot once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The one thing I noticed about this product is that I think it actually looks better as the day goes on, and I had some nice comments about having a healthy glow! The texture is really light and absorbs into the skin really well, and the main benefit was how it evened out my skin tone. Overall this has been really impressive, so if you are in the market for a new light skin base I would definitely try this one first.

This is a great product, it’s a very light coverage which is perfect at this time of year when its hot and you don’t want a much makeup on. It leaves a nice finish to my skin. It smells nice too!

This has to be the simplest CC Cream I have used. The colour is a really good match to my skin so it doesn’t take too much blending which makes it really fuss-free. Coverage is very light which some may not like but it’s perfect for me! I like a CC that brightens my skin and evens out my skin tone rather than just being a thick layer that covers my face totally. Being light on the skin makes it perfect for the warm weather. Also… This cream smells AMAZING. Perfect for summer.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began using this product as I had never used a CC cream before.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised!  I generally wear foundation every day and found the CC cream was a nice alternative.  I am quite pale and I found that the light to medium colour worked for me as it blended really well into my skin tone. Usually I can suffer with dry, sensitive skin and I found that I had no problems at all with this product.  The CC cream made my skin feel extra soft and covered what I needed it to without the need for additional foundation.

I am a massive fan of Origins, so I was eager to try the CC cream… and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great summer alternative to foundation and I felt that it was extremely lightweight – a great way to complement my holiday freckles. I’ll stick to my usual foundation for evening as this gives better coverage, however if you’re after a quick and easy alternative to your usual day-to-day foundation, then this is definitely the product for you!

This is the second CC cream I have tried and it is very different to the other. The one I already have have gives me an even finish without any coverage; I found that the new Origins CC Cream has excellent coverage! The shade was perfect for my skin tone and gave a light and even coverage without any oiliness – this CC cream fits the bill! I don’t know too much about Origins products, but I do understand that they are natural which is encouraging when I am using it. I would buy this product again!


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