Our Masterclass with hair guru FrAi??dAi??ric Fekkai

Our fabulous masterclass with FrAi??dAi??ric Fekkai took place at Cafe Zest in our Oxford Street store last night. Guests were treated to a champagne reception…yes please, before sitting down to hear all the insider hair secrets only a guru like him can impart.

It’s fitting that our event should’ve taken place last night as Fekkai is celebrating his 23rd Anniversary of opening the first salon in New York, thus marking the change in the way women thought and felt about their hair. Fekkai’s vision was all about luxury, why spend money on expensive skincare, handbags and makeup and then neglect your hair? This is something I know I’m guilty of,Ai?? I’m a sort of anything goes type gaaal when it comes to haircare, as long as it’s clean I’m not too bothered. But hearing Fekkai talking about your hair shaping the whole ‘package’ really made me look at haircare in a completely different way, why spend so much time creating the perfect style through clothes and make up and forget the ultimate style definer, your hair?! I immediately felt compelled to try his products!

This demand for consumer knowledge on how to not only create, but maintain your style at home was something Fekkai prides himself on recognising. This is not just about the perfect, on trend cut, this about discovering a style that will compliment your lifestyle, how much time do you spend styling your hair? how busy is your lifestyle? All these questions are addressed at the personal consultation every client receives at a Fekkai salon.

I was then able to grab a few minutes with the man himself for my own personal consultation. Now I have been growing my hair from a shorter than short boy cut into long lustrous locks for about 2 years, I’m about half way there, but this means, no cuts! So I really can’t imagine the condition my ends must be in! So what tips did Fekkai have for me?

‘Outside of products you need to start taking Vitamin B, this won’t make your hair grow quickly but it does strengthen it meaning when it is long, it will be healthy, glossy and less likely to break. The next thing is volume. This starts and ends with the roots, volumising products only work when applied to the roots, there is no need to apply them through the length as this will have the opposite effect, the product will weigh your hair down so it is limp and lifeless – not ideal! Lastly always brush and blow dry your hair upside down, this helps to open up the hair follicle so your hair ‘stands up’ and creates volume so even when your hair is up it won’t stay flat against your scalp.’ Perfect, long, lustrous locks maybe achievable for me after all – watch out Kim Kardashian!

So what products was I recommended to achieve this Hollywood style hair?

Ai?? Ai??

The Full Blown Volume collection is my new secret weapon to getting that Hollywood hair I’ve dreamed of! I was advised to shampoo with the Full Blown Volume Shampoo followed by the Full Blown Volume Conditioner, then apply the Full Blown Volume Styling Whip to the roots and dry upside down to open up the follicles and create a larger than life style!

Overall Fekkai wants to spread the message that anyone can have great looking hair. Essentially there are 3 simple steps to achieve this!

Treatment – This is your shampoo/conditioning regime. It’s a good idea to alternate these products so your hair can get the most benefits for both texture and overall condition.

Dry – This is where you can add the volume. Towel dry your hair until it is about 50% even, apply your volumising product to the roots and flip hair upside down, dry the roots only.

Texture – This is created through the length of your hair, decide on the texture you want whether it be curl enhancing, straightening or waving, then set the style with some glossing cream.

And your done!

Have you the Fekkai range?

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