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Being at a festival is like entering a different world; there is no essence of time, worry or stress. Coming back to reality can be all too much after a weekend of camping with your friends, not to mention what your skin has been through! Sun exposure, dehydration and leaving your makeup on all has a negative effect on your skin.


Follow our rejuvenating guide to help leave your skin glowing and ready to return to normality…


1. First of all it’s important to cleanse your skin and remove the weekenda��s makeup and dirt. This can be easily done by using a deep cleanser. Elemis Deep Cleansing Facial Wash combined with warm water does an amazing job; gently massage it into your skin and rinse.

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2. Exfoliating your skin will lift away the dead skin cells that have built up. Not having access to showers at a festival can leave your skin clogged, so using an exfoliating scrub will allow your pours to breathe. Decleor Double Radiance Scrub eliminates dead skin and revives the complexion. Make sure you’re kind to your skin when using a scrub with grainy particles, as your face may be extra sensitive if it has had a weekend being exposed to the sun. Therefore use small, circular motions, and take extra care around any blemishes to prevent further irritation.

3. Splash your face with warm water and use a warm, damp cloth to open your pores for a deep clean.

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4. Apply a soothing face mask to draw out any further impurities. Different types of face masks serve different purposes; for a deep clean a peel off mask is beneficial but if you have oily skin then a clay mask is advised. Alternatively, if you have dry skin, then use a hydrating skin mask designed to help lock in moisture. After a long weekend your skin may need rehydrating – Kiehla��s Soothing Gel Masque is designed to hydrate and moisturise, which is perfect!

5. After removing the face mask, splash your face with cold water; this will not only remove mask residue, but the cold water will close your pores, preventing them from becoming blocked.

6. Gently wipe Rituals Refreshing Facial Toner over the skin using a cotton pad to help restore your skins pH level.

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7. Apply a moisturiser to help boost your skins natural glow. Rituals Active Moisture Lotion is designed to hydrate skin which is perfect for after a festival! By massaging the moisturiser into your skin, this will help the blood flow and will leave your face feeling fresh and ready to face the world.


This effective 7-step cleanse will give your skin a fresh and natural glow, while drinking plenty of water will rehydrate your skin after a long weekend, and eating fresh fruit will give it the minerals needed to grow healthy skin cells.

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We asked some of the experts in the beauty industry what their personal tips were to rejuvenate post festival skin.
Influencer 1 Theresa RomanoTheresa Romano, Managing Editor of BeautyStat

a�?I would say the first thing to do is exfoliate! Get all those dead skin cells and dirt out of your pores! Use something gentle that wona��t irritate your skin. Make sure to exfoliate on dry skin after cleansing to really feel the beads doing their job! An Asian sheet mask is a one-step beauty ritual you can use up to twice a week. Something that is targeted towards your skin type restores skin back to its radiant perfection. Leaving the mask on for 30mins and gently patting away the excess emulsion lets your skin soak up all its nutrient-rich goodness! And wona��t clog pores of cause break outs. When done with your mask, make sure to continue moisturising morning and night. You can also refresh your skin when wearing makeup. Under foundation, lightly pat (dona��t rub) some moisturising primer onto skin. Clairns makes an amazing one called Beauty Flash balm that brightens and tightens skin with olive extract and bisabolol to soothe skin and add a youthful glow. A quick spritz of a facial mist provides adequate moisture to dehydrated and tired-looking skin and wona��t ruin your make up application.a�?


Influencer 2 Karla Powell



Karla Powell, International Makeup Artist

a�?Give your skin a drink! Drinking water is crucial to maintaining your skina��s elasticity and suppleness. Never underestimate the power of water! Cold water is also a great skin toner; simply splash your face with cold water a few times after cleansing and your face will be toned quickly and easily. What you eat will keep your skin looking healthy, so eating fresh, clean, juicy foods enlivens your skin and gives you the vitamins needed to balance out the alcohol consumed at a festival.a�?




Influencer 3 Adriana Di Fazio


Adriana DiFazio, Beauty Blog Director of Hoot Magazine

a�?If Ia��m outside all day, I like to wash my face with a salicylic acid cleanser and my Clarisonic. Afterwards, to calm down any redness Ia��ll apply a chilled yogurt-based mask for 10 minutes. If I dona��t have time for a mask, Ia��ll use a heavy refrigerated moisturiser. If you are trying to detox your skin, make sure not to apply too many products to your skin at once, your skin is already very sensitive and needs time to recover. Ita��s really necessary to use an oil-free moisturiser and primmer before applying mineral or power based foundation. To enhance your natural glow, find the perfect bronzer for your skin tone and learn how to apply it properly a�� with a light brush stroke, apply from cheeks to temples, along the bridge of your nose, across your hair line and along your jaw line/neck.a�?



Influencer 4 Charlotte Ruff



Charlotte Ruff, Beauty Blogger at Lilmisschickas

a�?After a festival, the chances are you wona��t have given your face a good deep clean for a few days so using an exfoliant will get rid of all the dead skin cellsA� (or perhaps left over mud) and will immediately make your face look brighter! I would also recommend a good night serum underneath your night time moisturiser to help rejuvenate and repair the skin from any sun damage. It will also help combat any spots you may have picked up from not washing your make up off properly. Ia��d recommend Estee Laudera��s Advanced Night repair as it does all of the above!a�?


Are you going to a festival this year? Does your skin suffer?


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