Pregnancy Skincare


When you’re expecting a new arrival, it’s imperative to take care of your skin. Not only are your hormones all over the place, your skin will be stretched and pulled too. Not to worry though, we have some amazing beauty items which will soothe your skin back to normality.


First up is from Elemis. The Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend is nourishing and promotes healthy supple skin. You can happily use this throughout pregnancy and after you’ve given birth. This is made to help combat stretch marks and is also perfect for your little one’s skin too.

The Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is a wonderful addition to a relaxing bath. It has a unique formula that captures the essence of Cleopatra’s ancient bathing ritual and contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and natural plant collagen which feeds the skin and keeps it soft and supple. The nourishing qualities make this perfect for dry skin, while the natural ingredients helps your skin bounce back after childbirth.



Onto Clarins, the Stretch Mark Control is specifically created for stretch marks, ensuring those pesky lines are less prominent and you feel more like yourself. The Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil is energising and tightening, which is perfect to use during pregnancy. This can be used during or after a shower or bath and is absorbed into the skin really quickly, so there’s no need to wait around while you dry. The last of our pregnancy skincare favourites is the Clarins Renew-Plus Body Serum, which is created for anti-ageing properties, but doubles up as a fantastic pregnancy body cream. This serum tightens and firms your skin, ensuring you look and feel great.


What’s your favourite pregnancy skincare?

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