Safe tanning is the new vogue

Bronze Goddess, Estee Lauder

Forget dangerous sunbeds, if you want a gorgeous sexy tan then you need to fake it. Thankfully the world is waking up to the dangers of sunbeds, the Sunbeds Regulation Bill is looks set to come into force after being cleared by the Lords last week.

The new bill will see under 18s banned from using sunbeds, as well as tougher restrictions and regulations that operators will have to adhere to. This is a huge breakthrough, and a major step forward in the fight against skin cancer.

If you want a tan there is no reason to use a sunbed, not only are you at risk of cancer, but it ages the skin and leaves you looking an unsightly shade of lobster. For a golden glow, you need to check out the latest innovations in the world of fake tanning.

Fake tan doesn’t mean streaky stains and biscuit scents, the latest products are easy to apply, long lasting, and are the every day equivalent of airbrushing, here’s our top picks:

The mousse

Mousse intense, £21.95, Xen Tan

If you’re frightened of streaks then definitely try a mousse self tan. A mousse will glide onto the skin better and give a perfect coverage, it’s also easy to rub in and build up colour. This one from Xen Tan is amazing, it’s super fast drying, it doesn’t have that weird biscuit smell and it blends beautifully.

The gel

Bronze Goddess Bronzing gel, £24, Estee Lauder

The Bronze Goddess range is back and we couldn’t be more excited. This gel is a girl’s best friend, it has an instant tint that leaves the skin with a soft bronze shimmer, the tanning agent then leaves you with a darker long lasting natural tan. This is great for people who need a tan right away, the instant shade is stunning but the actual tan starts to develop within an hour of application. Our favourite bit is the gorgeous beachy scent, you’ll feel transported to the Maldives with every application.

The milk

Self tanning milk for face & body, £22.50, Decleor

If you need a moisture hit then a self tanning milk is the one for you. This one from Decleor is packed full of essential oils including rose, camomile and geranium. This is a silky smooth light formula that glides effortlessly onto the skin. The colour deepens within two hours, and it will keep your skin hydrated rather than drying it out. This is a great one to use on holiday and post holiday to top up your tan.

The spray

Airbrush aerosol tan, £25, Fake Bake

Fake Bake have a serious cult status amongst beauty buffs, and it’s not hard to see why. The Fake Bake colour is deep but not orange, and even if you have pale skin you can use Fake Bake and end up with a natural deep tan. The best thing about an aerosol is that it is so easy to apply and gives excellent coverage. We particularly like this one as it’s easy to use and your tan continues to develop days after application.

The everyday

Brazilian tan daily, £39, Rodial

When the everyday tanner first hit the shelves we all wept with excitement… at last the holy grail of tanning had been found. But of course we then found a few problems with it, some found it rubbed off on clothes, others noticed strange patches, or only tan in the pores. Thankfully Rodial have truly found the tanning grail. This Tan Daily is a sumptuously rich moisturiser with a hint of tan. After one weeks use your tan looks gorgeous and natural, as well as leaving your skin soft and lovely.

The instant

Shimmering bronze creamy gel for legs, £16, Lancaster

If you want colour and you want it right now, then you will love this shimmer instant tan from Lancaster. It’s perfect if you need some instant colour or you don’t feel brave enough to face self tanners. The shade is a golden bronze with a hint of shimmer, you just work into your legs and décolletage for a summer flush.

The face

Talk to the tan, £19.50, Benefit

It’s often wise to pick the same brand tanner for your face as you use on your body, or the same brand that you use in a moisturiser. Self tanning your face can seem like a daunting task and isn’t always the easitest to apply. That’s why we always use this little number from Benefit. It’s a bronze tint that you can apply to bare skin or over make up, it leaves you with an instant glow that you can easily remove. Just finish with a light golden bronzer to the bridge of your nose temples and cheeks for a natural look.

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