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Fragrance, food, music, so many things can awaken our nostalgia and transport us back to a favourite holiday destination, party or a time in our life filled with endless possibility. I always find summertime particularly nostalgic, whether it’s the smell of an evening BBQ, a glass of Pimms or the sound of 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins, the summer fills me with images of day-long picnics, sleepy sunny evenings spent with friends and a whole lot of fun.

One thing we all love to be reminded of is holidays, for me crepes stuffed with Nutella and bananas screams family holidays in Greece, and just the smell of them transports me back to Greece in a second. There’s something about smell which I find the most powerful of all the senses. Fragrance has always been one of my favourite things to treat myself to and lends itself perfectly to capturing the soul of any getaway you want to relive over and over again. Pick yours for the summer and create your own private paradise.

English Countryside

Whether you’re escaping to the Cotswolds or the New Forest, when British summer time is in full swing nothing beats the countryside. Invoke the floral, hazy scent of a countryside retreat through Plum by Mary Greenwell.  A fruity fragrance featuring gardenia, rose and jasmine at its heart with top notes of plum, lemon and bergamot.  Our beauty buyer fell in love with the purse spray version of this scent and assures me that, ‘No handbag – (nor beauty addict) should be without one!’

Shop Plum by Mary Greenwell


The heart of culture and sophisticated style, no Italian would be caught without a signature scent to waft past intrigued onlookers. Relive the hustle and bustle of the Italian Riviera with fresh and fruity florals.  Hyacinth and freesia, peach and melon fuse together to create our Apothecary EDT.  Match clean silhouettes with clean scents and climb aboard your own fantasy yacht.

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Bask in the heady, musky balm of a Moroccan mirage. To capture this scent you need a dark, rich fragrance. Notes of black truffle, blackcurrant and bergamot fuse with lotus wood, patchouli and sandalwood creates the perfect scent in Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.  Mysterious and intoxicating, escape to the souks of Marrakesh with one spritz.

Shop Tom Ford Black Orchid


Make like a California girl and dive into soft, watery, floral scents. Capture the laid back Malibu beach lifestyle through Marc Jacobs Curacao. Zingy, citrus infusions of blood orange and lime blend with sublime violet, orange and pear to create an aromatic cocktail, blended especially for you.

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