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Everywhere you turn, the words anti ageing can be seen and heard. This is wonderful news for those of us who have pesky wrinkles to target (we like the phrase fine lines), but what about the lucky people who don’t have any?

Ibuki, the new Shiseido skincare range, targets young women in their 20s and 30s and makes sure skin is hydrated and radiant. We rounded up three ladies in their early 20s to put this to the test…


Having never seen amazing benefits from combined skincare ranges before, I wasn’t expecting much from the Shiseido Ibuki range. However, I can officially say I am pleasantly surprised! I have a normal skin type and usually cover up my uneven skin tone with a thick foundation. After trying this range for just 2 weeks I was down to just using a tinted moisturiser and my skin is now definitely more hydrated and smoother. The range includes a Purifying Cleanser with gentle exfoliating beads which easily gets rid of any dead skin and remains of makeup. It is a thick product which lathers quickly once mixed with water. The second product I used, the Softening Concentrate, glides onto the skin without any greasy residue and is absorbed very quickly. The final skincare item I used was the Refining Moisturiser which has a thin consistency, but like the concentrate it absorbed easily into my skin. The entire process of using the three items took less than 5 minutes, and it is really easy to fit into my daily routine. Overall I would highly recommend Ibuki if you are looking to improve your skins radiance and glow!


I have oily skin and after using these new Shiseido products for a few weeks I definitely noticed a difference. The products really complimented each other, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and smoother after just one week of use. The cleanser felt gentle on the skin and a small amount was sufficient to lather onto my face. I then used the Softening Concentrate which absorbs easily and with a single pump my skin felt well conditioned and prepared for moisturising. The Refining Moisturiser felt lightweight and it blended into my skin making it feel clean and soft. All three products are definite keepers!


I started the Shiseido cleansing routine about a month ago and I am really impressed with the quality of the products. I removed my makeup with the Gentle Cleanser, which felt lovely on my sensitive skin. The texture of the cleanser is quite thick and creamy, so a little goes a long way. It foams up really easily, giving a good deep-down clean without irritating the skin. There was no redness or sensitivity after using it which I have found with other foaming facial cleansers. I then followed this with the Softening Concentrate which was absolutely fantastic. This was probably my favourite part of the routine! It goes on really easily and absorbs straight away. My skin felt really soft and there was no greasiness or residue. I then followed with the Refining Moisturiser, which is quite a rich cream making it a great makeup base. The brilliant thing about this skincare routine is that you can use just one or two of the products one day and then maybe use all three the next.

Alice Carroll

I'm Alice, Al or, if you are the five year old me, Ice (yes, I did want to be a member of Kris Kross, and yes, I did wear my jeans backwards). Womenswear Editor at House of Fraser Online, I've grown out of backwards clothes and instead chose to invest my money in vintage sportswear and bomber jackets, while inking my body with unnecessary tattoos and rapping along to every word of The Streets - Original Pirate Material. My proudest moments were seeing a shoot I styled in my favourite magazine and getting a three-dart-finish in a game of darts. Oh, and Bart Simpson was my first crush.

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