#Skincareweek: CrA?me de la Mer Takeover


Renowned for its celebrity cult following, CrA?me de la Mer is a skincare brand we always want to hear more about. With its spectacular background story and rave reviews, we want to unlock the secrets to perfectly glowing skin.

Next Wednesday 16th April, Simon Tranter,Ai??Dedicated Skincare Expert at CrA?me de la Mer, will be taking over our House of Fraser Facebook page to answer ALL your skincare questions.

Whether its product recommendations or tips to improve your skincare routine, this is your exclusive chance to have those burning questions answered.

Keep an eye out from 12pm next week and have those questions at the ready!


Bianca Matley

My name's Bianca, Menswear Editor. Contrary to belief, I love Eastenders but wasn't named after the character... heyday of hoops and ponytail quickly erased from memory. Times have changed (thankfully) and although I love beauty, I equally love a good men's oxford shirt and jacket or two, for myself of course. You'll now find me flicking through men's magazine pages and my favourites list is increasingly becoming male dominated. Dare I say, there's a lot to learn from their style...

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