#Skincareweek Tried & Tested: Origins Day vs Night Creams


Getting your moisturising routine nailed is something we all struggle with. The change in seasons, office temperature conditions, outdoors, indoors, pollution, the list is endless – a cream tailored to help with all kinds of issues? Sounds like our kind of thing. Our beauty testers gave Origins’ moisturising creams a test, from day to night, and told us how they worked for them…

Day Creams

Origins Plantscriptions Powerful Lifting Cream

Nathalie Ward ai??i?? Beauty Buying Assistant

“Due to the cold winter and the central heating in recent months, I had begun to notice that halfway through the day my skin was starting to look tight and dry. This product completely blew me away. From the first application I noticed a huge difference when applying my makeup and on inspection later on in the day my skin was still baby smooth! Over the course of a week I could feel my skin plumping up ai??i?? exactly what I needed after a long winter. I would recommend this for a mature skin or anyone who really suffers with dry skin.”

Origins Make a Difference Plus Ultra Rich Rejuvenating Cream

Laura Embling ai??i?? Beauty Marketing Assistant

“Iai??i??ve heard rave reviews about this moisturiser and was intrigued to try it. It didnai??i??t feel too greasy or heavy which is how I prefer my creams to be. It took a while to completely absorb into my skin but by morning I could see the benefits. I would recommend it to be worn in the day under make up rather than for evening use.”

Origins Gin-Zing Moisturiser

Rebecca Gauder ai??i?? Beauty Merchandiser

“I used this moisturiser with the Gin Zing eye cream to see the full benefits. As it contains caffeine my skin felt instantly brighter and more alive, also partly down to the smell as it is very fresh and fruity.

“My main concern for day are my cheeks and forehead and I felt like this kept these usually dry areas of my face very moisturised. This could be used on younger skin as I need more of an anti ageing element to the product, but it would be great for summertime as it feels so fresh and light.”

Origins Dr Weil Mega Bright Moisturiser

Catherine Womersley ai??i?? Beauty Buyer

“As I am running the London Marathon I am constantly training outside which has started to affect my skin. I needed a moisturiser that was going to inject some life back into my skin and perk up my complexion. I also needed something with an SPF as I need to protect my skin while I am outdoors running. This hard working cream glides on easily and sinks in quickly leaving skin feeling nourished but not greasy.

“I would recommend this for anyone who needs a hard working moisturiser that is going to make skin radiant and nourished. It may be a better choice for dry skin as oilier skins may find it is slightly too heavy.”

Night Cream

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

Rebecca Gauder

“As I approach the big 3-0 I felt that this would be heavy duty on my skin and it needed it!Ai?? I have generally dry skin so the heavy texture of this I really liked, the first time I used it I did put too much on, so itai??i??s worth noting that a little does go a long way. I woke up feeling like my skin was very refreshed and maybe a little brighter than before.

“I can recommend this product if you have dry skin and are starting to worry about ageing as I did feel like my skin was nourished after use. As you donai??i??t have to use that much it is very good value for money.”

Catherine Womersley

“Straight away it was clear this cream is really hydrating as the cream is thick and rich. You only need a tiny amount as it is quite heavy (perfect for a dry/mature skin) however it does sink it quickly. It definitely gets to work overnight and I woke up with soft, hydrated skin ai??i?? the kind of feeling you only get from an overnight mask.

“I really like this night cream however I would really recommend it for drier skin as it may make oily skins slightly too greasy.”

Nathalie Ward

“As I have very dry skin Night-A-Mins worked really well for me, it is a really rich cream that sunk in super fast meaning my skin felt instantly hydrated. There is a light residue left behind which I like as it meant my skin continued to feel hydrated until I fell asleep. I used this every night for two weeks and could see a huge difference in texture and radiance. I will definitely continue using this product as part of my nightly beauty routine!”


From dry to oily skin, there’s seems to be a cream for everyone! Which would you like to try?

Origins Offer:

Buy any day time moisturiser and get 30ml High Potency Night-A-MinsTM jar FREE (Worth A?20)

From 11-21st April.

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