The Clinique Chubby Stick Review


Tried & Tested: Clinique Chubby Stick Foundation

Clinique are starting a chubby revolution. First came the Lip Colour which provided easy to apply colour with the texture of a balm. Next came the Shadow Tint For EyesAi??which gave lids a wash of colour in one easy swipe. Then it was the Sculpting Contour Stick, solving all our contouring woes, and now we have the next chubby hero ai??i?? the Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick. We tried it out so you can know, before you buy.

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Sebrina, Content Co-Ordinator

Skin Type: Dark & Oily/Combination

Although I was thrown by the look of the Chubby In The Nude foundation (I have always stuck to liquid formulas), I have always heard good things about Clinique make-up so was optimistic.

I am now a massive fan of the swipe and go application of this stick foundation – it is super easy to apply, lasts all day and is great if you want that natural glow. I simply targeted and problem areas and blended the foundation into my face with a brush.
Personally I need a bit more coverage on my cheeks ai??i?? I found the product very light and natural so I would mix it with a heavier foundation for particular stubborn areas! Would I recommend this product? Yes!


Alice, Womenswear Editor

Skin Type: Pale & Dry

I was dubious about trying out the Chubby Stick Foundation, as I usually stick to liquid foundations, but thought I would give this a go after hearing so much about it. I actually decided to use it on top of my normal foundation, as more of a concealer/highlighter – I was very impressed! It went on matte and really easily. I was expecting it to flake and cake a little due to my dry skin, but it didnai??i??t at all, staying fresh all day.


Charlotte, Online Producer

Skin Type: Pale & Oily

The foundation is really easy to apply I just roughly applied to my whole face (adding a little extra to any problem areas) and then blended it in with my fingers.

Perfect consistency for me as it’s not too thick so it gives a really natural finish which is great for everyday use – I put a little bit of primer on underneath too and then found it lasted well all day! Overall, I found it gave a very natural and slightly dewy effect which was surprising with it being a stick foundation.


Kate, Senior Editor

Skin Type: Olive & Dry

Already being a big fan of both the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer and the Clinique CC Cream I was very keen to try the brand latest foundation launch; Chubby In The Nude (even the name was fun and enticing!).

The ai???stickai??i?? element did slightly put me off though due to my dry skin. I often have to use a hydrating primer for matte foundations and I do tend to lean towards those foundations which call out ai???dewyai??i?? amongst their benefits so havenai??i??t always been a fan of the often ai???chalkyai??i?? stick formulas. Being 2016 though and with Clinique at the forefront of cosmetic advancement, I can confirm that the Chubby in the Nude is a foundation stick 2.0. Easily applied, the formula sinks into skin with little need for rubbing. I tried using just my fingers and then tried a stippling brush with both providing great results. One of my favourite things about it though is itai??i??s convenience. Great size to carry around in your handbag and is ideal for touch-ups doubling as both foundation and a concealer ai??i?? perfect!


Alice Carroll

I'm Alice, Al or, if you are the five year old me, Ice (yes, I did want to be a member of Kris Kross, and yes, I did wear my jeans backwards). Womenswear Editor at House of Fraser Online, I've grown out of backwards clothes and instead chose to invest my money in vintage sportswear and bomber jackets, while inking my body with unnecessary tattoos and rapping along to every word of The Streets - Original Pirate Material. My proudest moments were seeing a shoot I styled in my favourite magazine and getting a three-dart-finish in a game of darts. Oh, and Bart Simpson was my first crush.

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