The quest for the perfect skincare routine: My Shiseido Skin Analysis and Consultation.

Finding the perfect Skincare Routine can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea where to begin. Even working in beauty this can be seem a bit of an uphill struggle. The many hours I spend wondering aimlessly around the gorgeous House of Fraser beauty halls thinking, which brands are the best, which products do I use, day creams, night creams, eye creams, serums, exfoliators – what do I need and how do I use it?!

Enter Shiseido. This Japanese brand is renowned for using cutting edge technology to create the very best formulations for its products, fused with a traditional, holistic approach to balance both body and mind. An example of their cutting edge technology is the Skin Analysis and Consultation service they provide. This enables your consultant, as well as you, to have a really detailed look at your skin meaning the perfect products can be recommended, there’s no guess work, it’s all there, rather magnified, in front of you! A six week follow up appointment is then recommended in order for you to see the physical improvements to your skin.

How does it work?

As a skincare enthusiast I was very keen to try this miracle technology, no room for mistakes here, I would finally find out the exact condition of my skin, exact problems I needed to counteract and my exact skin type, rather than the guess work I’ve been putting in up until now.

I met with Rebecca who took me through each step and explained what we were looking for. Firstly my make up was removed from my eye, cheek and mouth area. These areas are the most prone to change and so help to give an average, overall reading of the skin condition. This means a more accurate analysis enabling Rebecca to recommend products that would be the most beneficial to me and my skins individual needs.

Once my skin type was determined, no surprise really it was dehydrated, dry and oily in parts, or as we more commonly know it as, combination, I could then decide what I wanted to be examined more closely. Options went from pigmentation and wrinkles to elasticity and cell turnover.

Highlights from my consultation were: I had a good rate of cell turnover meaning my skin is efficient in repairing and renewing itself, luckily no deep rooted wrinkles seem to be appearing! Overall elasticity and vitality of my skin was good.

Lowlights: Skin appears quite dehydrated in places, this can easily be improved with a tailor made skincare routine.

So what was I recommended?


From my skin analysis Rebecca instantly recommended products from ‘The Skincare Range’. These are a collection of products specifically formulated for dehydrated skin, they help to put moisture back into the skin as well as encourage the skin to produce its own.

The first product I was recommended to use was the Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam to use with the Face Massaging Brush. Using these two products together has been fabulous as I really feel like my face is getting a good scrub. The brush enables the face wash to really foam up so I needn’t apply too much product at all, excellent considering luxury skincare like Shiseido really is an investment!

Now I know what your thinking, a face brush? Face brushes are the newest wave in skincare technology and if your not sure about the electronic ones out there, this Shiseido one is great for a first fray.  And you won’t turn back, I absolutely love this brush and couldn’t imagine washing my face without it, the bristles are really soft so it doesn’t feel at all abrasive on the skin however, with the rubber prods within the bristles I really feel like my skin is getting a really good clean in terms of exfoliating those horrible dead cells, as well as improving circulation and complexion with a gentle massage. I am a face brush convert!

I was then recommended the Hydro-Nourishing Softener. Now a softener to you and me is where you would normally ‘tone’. However these are two different products.  All softeners from the Shiseido range aim to make the skin more receptive to moisturiser, rather than stripping the skin, it adds moisture and really does soften the skin helping it to absorb moisturiser more effectively. The consistency is thicker than toners I’m used to, more like a gel but sweeps on effortlessly leaving no residue. I then move onto my recommended moisturiser, The Skincare Day Moisture Protection. I love the consistency of this moisturiser. It’s like a mix between a milk and a lotion, it applies lightly again leaving no residue and like all these products, you don’t need too much, one pump is more than enough. I usually find creams are too rich and can sometimes irritate my skin so this light lotion is perfect for me. I also find my Shiseido Perfect Refining foundation applies beautifully over the top!

So that’s my new, improved and quite luxury skincare routine! I have been using these products for about a week now and can honestly say I really feel like I am starting to feel the benefits. Check back here in about 5 weeks time for my follow up consultation to see if my skin really has improved!

Have you tried the Shiseido skincare range?

To have your personal Skin Analysis and Consultation, pop down to the Shiseido counter at your local House of Fraser store.

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