Theirry Mugler Liqueur de Parfum Limited Edition Collection

Whether you’re already converted to Thierry Mugler or you’ve never sampled their intoxicating scents, now’s the perfect time to discover the wonderful Thierry Mugler Liqueur de Parfum Collection. Enhanced with the essence of fine spirits, this invigorating collection is perfect for Christmas…

The collection is aged, similarly to a fine wine or spirit, in a toasted wooden casket for six weeks. This produces a warmer and deeper scent, perfect for the winter months.


Theirry Mugler Liqueur de Parfum Limited Edition Angel Theirry Mugler Liqueur de Parfum Limited Edition Womanity

Angel, the most classic of all the fragrances, has been blended with cognac in a cherry wood cask to give a smoky tone with a hint of honey. Womanity, a more recent launch by Thierry Mugler, has been blended with vodka in a toasted oak cask to produce a woody yet fruity fragrance.

This collection is limited edition, which means you’d better be quick to pick one up! Head into your local House of Fraser to discover the entire Thierry Mugler collection, including Brilliant Star.

Have you tried Thierry Mugler?

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