Tried and Tested: Estee Lauder Perfectionist [CP+R] Review

As the owner of a premature wrinkle the size of the Grand Canyon I (understandably) leapt at the chance to road test Estee Lauder’s latest miracle product, Perfectionist [CP+R]. This appealed on a number of levels; firstly I am a self confessed fan of beauty products with ‘sciency’ names (I’m sorry I just don’t buy that nature has the power to correct my flaws) and secondly, I’ve been a lover of Estee Lauder’s product line for some time and never leave home without Double Wear foundation.

Perfectionist [CP+R]

Perfectionist [CP+R] FROM £50

So, here’s the stuff you need to know:

1. CP+R stands for ‘Correct, Prevent and Repair’ and this silky serum boasts CPR-75 technology. I’m not sure what the 75 stands for but it sounds pretty impressive!

2. 78% of women said it immediately smoothed the look of their lines and wrinkles

3. It comes in a rather fetching and pleasingly science-like purple bottle – Only important if you are shallow like me

After hearing the impressive facts I was rearing to go but also slightly sceptical that such a wonder product existed. I started the trial 4 weeks ago now and can safely say that I’m impressed!

I have been applying it onto clean skin every morning as part of my skincare regime. It glides on and is easily absorbed leaving my skin feeling super velvety smooth. I did find that I still needed plenty of moisturiser but it advises that this is the case on the bottle. After that I apply my base as usual. I didn’t find that the effects were immediate but I noticed a difference in my ‘Grand Canyon’ after about a week and four weeks on I’m pretty happy with the results. So happy in fact that I’ll be continuing this trial in my quest to beat the dreaded wrinkle!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

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