Tried & Tested: Armani Eye & Brow Maestro

We heard about this new product a few months back and were fascinated by the concept – now it’s here, we’ve fallen for it! You’ve had a shadow meets a liner but now you have a brow/shadow combo, these one-pot wonders are doing a hella lot of good on our makeup bag space.

Kay, Giorgio Armani makeup artist, popped into the office to talk us through how to use the product and which colours matched our skin tones.



On first look, you’d think these were very light colours to match to eyebrows but as Kay pointed out, you should always go one shade lighter than your real brow colour. These are easy to blend and brush as they contain argan oil, which makes the consistency quite smooth. They also have 20hr wear, as well as being waterproof (we tested them, it’s true!) and the concept is catwalk inspired – you can use the colours in your hair too, whether it’s to hide roots or a pesky grey hair! There’s pretty much nothing this little thing can’t do.


Top to Bottom: Acajou, Wenge Wood, Ambre, Almond, Copal, Black, Auburn

To give you a slightly better idea, above are swatches of the colours and as you can see, they do come out differently to the pots. Acajou (red shade) is limited edition and was pulled out half way through the lesson – it’s probably better as a shadow than a brow colour but will obviously be useful for some!

Tips to applying the eye & brow maestro:

1. Brush through your brows first then build up the product on the flat end of the brush onto the back of your hand to work the excess

2. Brush into, and with, the hairs in a patting motion and brush through after to soften it up

3. For extra definition and if you’re someone who follows a more artistic approach to their brows, start from the highest part of your brow and work down to the end, then work on the front end – this will give a better balance and avoid any thick brow disasters.

Not only does the eye & brow work on the obvious but they also work on contouring. Who’da thought it?


Take your desired colour and work it into the fatty part below your thumb on one hand, rub that area to the same on your other hand, then place these into the hollow parts of your cheeks and press along that area. A subtle contour it is! Just make sure you don’t put too much product on, otherwise you’ll end up looking dirty.

For along the nose – yes, this is possible too – place the colour along the side of your thumb, follow the same process but press along the sides of your nose and voila!

Kay also gave advice as to which colours will suit people best;

Black: Best for black girls, darker skin and darker haired girls. It can also be used as an eyeliner and as it’s waterproof, along the waterline too.

Wenge Wood: This is best for black girls looking for a more natural brow filler and good for mixed race and Asian girls for a strong, structured brow. For contouring, darker skin could use this too.

Acajou: Great for non-natural redheads, a lovely eyeshadow base and also a good blusher (you can use a blusher brush for that!)

Ambre: This is an all-rouder for most skin types, including auburn haired girls, blondes, brunettes

Auburn: This is best for people with completely white hair and no visible eyebrows, very pale or very light blonde hair. It’s also a really pretty eyeshadow with a lovely shimmer.

Copal: Perfect for blondes, light auburn hair and everything inbetween. Also good for darker skinned blondes.

Almond: Ashy blondes and coloured borwn hair can pull this off, along with older ladies with the greeney tones.

So, they pretty much cover everything and everyone! The best tip?

” Your brows should look like sisters, not twins.”

It’s time to embrace the sisterhood, ladies!

Bianca Matley

My name's Bianca, Menswear Editor. Contrary to belief, I love Eastenders but wasn't named after the character... heyday of hoops and ponytail quickly erased from memory. Times have changed (thankfully) and although I love beauty, I equally love a good men's oxford shirt and jacket or two, for myself of course. You'll now find me flicking through men's magazine pages and my favourites list is increasingly becoming male dominated. Dare I say, there's a lot to learn from their style...

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