In a smog filled city, anything that claims to illuminate tired looking skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, we think is worth a try. Decleor’s Aroma Lisse Energising Smoothing Cream (the name is tmepting enough) landed on our desks and three busy ladies from HoF HQ decided they wanted to give it a go…

Catherine Womersley – Beauty Buyer

“The orangey scent of this is absolutely amazing, really refreshing and not too heavy. It is a very thick cream which feels really luxurious on application. As it is so thick, you only need a tiny amount meaning you get so much for your money.

“Straight away the difference in my skin was apparent; it looked glowing and radiant which lasted throughout the day. The fact that it has an SPF in it is great coming up to the summer, as well as for those cloudy days when you still want to feel protected.”

Jemma Garner – Fashion Buyer

“This cream feels thick and gorgeous in your hands but once applied to your face, it’s really light. It’s difficult to find a cream that doesn’t make my skin feel greasy but this it perfect. My skin definitely looks more moisturised than it did before, with no dry patches at all! I have no doubt the fine lines underneath my eyes will smooth out after continued use.

“The container is also very practical. I go to the gym most mornings, so the fact that it twists shut and the spout is  hidden away means I am 100% confident that there will be no wasted spillages.

“I would recommend this to anyone from my age (late twenties) to someone my mum’s age.”

Rebecca Gauder – Beauty Merchandiser

“I used this product first thing in the morning after cleansing my face and before make up. It was very rich and at first I used too much, which ended up feeling greasy so each day I used less and less, meaning the product will go far.

“The main benefit was that I didn’t need to use as much make up as before – along with looking brighter, the tone of my skin on my cheeks was a lot more even than before. I recommend this if you are concerned about ageing and environmental damage as I am concerned that working and living in built up areas that my skin goes through quite a lot. After using this in the morning I felt like my skin had woken up slightly!”


Would you give this a go? Let us know if you’ve tried it already!

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