Tried & Tested: Si by Giorgio Armani


This week we tested out Si by Giorgio Armani. It’s chic, sultry, intense and soft. Captivating the senses with sensual vanilla, Rose de Mai and amber wood, we thought there was no better excuse to get the boys involved and see what they thought. We chose 2 girls to test out Si, but would their boyfriends even notice the smell? We put them to the test…





Rebecca Green

Online Category Executive|Kidswear

Rebz and bf ( don't mention)

Your views on the scent? Love this perfume, itai??i??s very sweet, strong and stands out. It lasts well too. I would probably wear it for occasions, nights out and every now and again during the day.

When did you wear it? I sprayed it on at home just before going out for the evening.

How many minutes did it take him to notice? About 60 seconds to be honest, very impressive.

What are his thoughts? In true male fashion his comment was ai???I liked it, hence why I said you smell niceai??i??.


Hannah Gilding

Online Category Executive|Beauty

Hannah and boyf

Your views on the scent? I really like this fragrance, something about this scent is really familiar to me which made it comfortable to wear.

When did you wear it? I was in the house when I sprayed it on.

How many minutes did it take him to notice? He didnai??i??t actually notice the change in perfume because this is the sort of scent I often wear.

What are his thoughts? When I made him smell it on me he said it smelt ai???warmai??? which I took to be a compliment.



Shop the scent now:,default,sc.html


Lauren Carbran

I’m Lauren, Online Editorial Assistant for Beauty & Kidswear at HoF. By night I’m an ice skater, so I’ve been training a few times a week for the last 15 years. As you can guess this meant I grew up around a lot of hairspray and glitter, hence my love for all things beauty (Urban Decay and M.A.C are my saviours!). The rest of my time is either spent devouring feta, beetroot and quinoa salads, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker or getting broody over super cute kids’ clothes.

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