Tried & Tested: Valeur Absolue

If you thought perfume was just about the smell, think again. Valeur Absolue has brought a new meaning to fragrance by including natural active ingredients which enhance emotions of well-being. These small bottles are travel-size, so make a great addition to your handbag, especially if you need a bit of an uplift on the go. By stimulating beta-endorphines (the molecules that make you feel good) these perfumes could really be a godsend. But do they actually work? We put them to the test…




About the Scent:

– It has floral, woody and musky notes

– It’s inspiration was the Rose de Mai flower

– It contains the essential oils of white jasmine and minerals of potassium and calcium

– The Mother-of-pearl stones symbol of love and femininity


Jess Brown

Online Designer

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“Sensualite has a strong scent which was obvious as soon as I put it on. It’s great because you don’t have to re-apply it throughout the day. I love the minimalist bottle, which is so easy to just pop in your handbag. The Mother-of-pearl beads are a really lovely touch, too.”




About the Scent:

– It radiants with happiness, serenity and tranquillity

– It contains pink peppercorn, nutmeg, coriander, rose and sandalwood.

– It is thought to make you feel soothed and calm.

– The Amazonite stones are renowned for protecting against negative waves and promote a sensation of happiness


Natalie Ong

Online Category Executive – Kidswear

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“Valeur Absolue Serenitude is a fresh and elegant scent. I sprayed it first thing in the morning before leaving for work and found it made me feel energised and positive about starting my day. One spray is all that’s needed for it to stay on all day long and I received several compliments about the perfume I was wearing. I also loved the stones inside the bottle which were visually unique and would make a great gift.”





About the Scent:

– It encourages self-confidence and poise to women

– It’s thought to give you a positive attitude

– It contains vanilla, candied peach, amber, clove, cinnamon and cedar wood.

– The orange carnelian stones are thought to keep negative thoughts at bay


Lauren Carbran

Online Editorial Assistant – Beauty






“I really liked the smell of Confiance as it’s feminine and sweet. You can’t really go wrong with wearing it in the summer or winter because it’s not overly musky or floral. I felt energised and calm throughout the day and love how easy the bottle is to take around with you.”

Lauren Carbran

I’m Lauren, Online Editorial Assistant for Beauty & Kidswear at HoF. By night I’m an ice skater, so I’ve been training a few times a week for the last 15 years. As you can guess this meant I grew up around a lot of hairspray and glitter, hence my love for all things beauty (Urban Decay and M.A.C are my saviours!). The rest of my time is either spent devouring feta, beetroot and quinoa salads, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker or getting broody over super cute kids’ clothes.

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