Tried & Tested: Xen Tan

As we venture closer to Autumn *sigh* , we know having a tan seems a million miles away. But with the new launch of Xen Tan, our faith in looking brilliant at home has been restored. Let’s see what our testers here at HoF thought of Xen Tan, dubbed the ‘perfect tan for every skin tone’…



Bianca Matley

Online Menswear Editor





ai???Xen Tan is a slightly green, thick cream, so looks a little off-putting at first. You need to work it into your skin but luckily, you donai??i??t turn out the same colour! The thickness meant it was moisturising, which is great as I suffer from dry skin, especially on my legs. It leaves a really lovely finish ai??i?? I have an olive undertone to my skin so it really brought that out and it lasted a good few days. Iai??i??ve used it three times in the past three weeks!ai???



Amy Buckle

Online Editorial Assistant ai??i?? Fashion Accessories

amy headshot









ai???I only applied one coat because I didnai??i??t want to go too overboard, but I was really impressed! It gave me a natural finish which was noticeable but subtle. I love my new streak-free tan ai??i?? it didnai??i??t gather at the ankles or elbows either. It smelt amazing too ai??i?? Iai??i??ll definitely be using this





Kim Reid

Online Assistant Category Manager for Home

Kim Reidheadshot







ai???As someone who rarely uses fake tan due to bad past experiences this one has made me a big fan. The tan has a great smell which isnai??i??t like a lot of the fake tans out there. It rubbed in well and gave me a nice, natural colour which I felt great in. Iai??i??d definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a boost of colour. 5 stars from me!ai???

Lauren Carbran

I’m Lauren, Online Editorial Assistant for Beauty & Kidswear at HoF. By night I’m an ice skater, so I’ve been training a few times a week for the last 15 years. As you can guess this meant I grew up around a lot of hairspray and glitter, hence my love for all things beauty (Urban Decay and M.A.C are my saviours!). The rest of my time is either spent devouring feta, beetroot and quinoa salads, watching The Millionaire Matchmaker or getting broody over super cute kids’ clothes.

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