Tried & Tested: Yves Saint Laurent, Battle of the Foundations


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Another day, another foundation, but this isn’t just any kind. Yves Saint Laurent have introduced their latest offering with Fusion Ink, following on from their Le Teint Touche Ai??clat. With two different consistencies and glowing reviews for both, which one takes the winning title?

Our four testers had the pleasure of trying the two and here is what they thought…

Robyn Bailey – Allocator (Skincare)

“I thought the Fusion Ink foundation was great for oily/combination skin types like mine. It had a matte finish and really reduced shine, especially in my T-Zone, where it is usually the most noticeable but it wasnai??i??t drying at all. The formula was very lightweight making it easy to blend in and a little goes a long way.

“The Teint Touche Ai??clat foundation had a more radiant finish and would be great for normal/dry skin as it felt very moisturising. The coverage was medium and concealed any imperfections. This foundation would be perfect in the winter months when your skin needs that extra nourishment.”

Hannah Greenland ai??i?? Allocator (Fragrance)

“Iai??i??ve really enjoyed trying both of these foundations and I think that everyone could find one that would suit their skin.The Teint Touche Ai??clat Foundation gives a great medium coverage with a really illuminating finish, just like the original Touche Ai??clat. I have quite oily skin, so I was concerned that it may start to look greasy with the more dewy finish, but the foundation looked good all day, with just the right amount of shine!

“I felt that the new Fusion Ink Foundation suited my skin slightly better, as it gives a perfect matte finish. The texture is so light and it really feels as though you arenai??i??t wearing foundation, but the coverage is great and lasts for the whole day without looking ai???cakeyai??i??, especially as there is no need to reapply or use a powder. The new style of bottle looks great and the applicator makes it so easy to put on just the right amount. I will definitely continue to use both products!”

Nathalie Ward ai??i?? Buying Assistant (Colour & Skincare)

“Having read all kinds of incredible things about Fusion Ink (it has been recently described in the press as a ai???game changer in the beauty worldai??i??) I was really excited to test it, but also worried that it would not live up to the hype. I neednai??i??t have worried – from the first drop it looks like it will be thick and heavy but it’s actually feather light, buffing on easily and evenly. It lasted throughout my whole working day as well as evening drinks. The added bonus was that through theAi?? ai???heatwaveai??i?? we recently experienced, it didnai??i??t slide off and my face AND I stayed shine free even when catching a few cheeky rays outside in my lunch hour!

“I would recommend this to anyone who likes a simple to use foundation with great coverage. Personally, I am more of a dewy foundation fan and as this dries down matte, I’m definitely more of a YSL Teint Touche Ai??clat Foundation kind of girl as that is dewier, lighter and more suited to my dryer skin.”

Alice Hawkins ai??i?? Buying Assistant (Core & Fragrance)

“Fusion Ink is brilliant; I loved its light texture and the way that it melted onto my skin. The coverage wasnai??i??t as full as I was expecting but was still surprisingly good considering the light consistency. Itai??i??s very matte and I found that with dry skin it might not be suitable for daily use but for special occasions when I want my foundation to last longer on my skin this would definitely be the one Iai??i??d go for. It doesnai??i??t give you the healthy glow of Teint Touche Ai??clat but it gives you flawless looking skin.”

The result is pretty clear – combination/oily skin hails Fusion Ink and dryer skins the Touche Ai??clat! Will you be giving them a go?

Bianca Matley

My name's Bianca, Menswear Editor. Contrary to belief, I love Eastenders but wasn't named after the character... heyday of hoops and ponytail quickly erased from memory. Times have changed (thankfully) and although I love beauty, I equally love a good men's oxford shirt and jacket or two, for myself of course. You'll now find me flicking through men's magazine pages and my favourites list is increasingly becoming male dominated. Dare I say, there's a lot to learn from their style...

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