Upcoming Launch Wild About Beauty: Our Q & A with co-founder Louise Redknapp

Wild About Beauty is due to launch online with us very soon and here at HoF HQ we can’t wait! To get you all excited for this fantastic new makeup brand we caught up with co-founder Louise Redknapp to talk beauty, business and everything in between!

Why a makeup range and what inspired you to specifically be involved with Wild About Beauty?

Iai??i??ve worked alongside Kim for years and we have a real shared passion for makeup and all things beauty. Iai??i??ve suffered from pigmentation since the birth of my children and Kim has always managed to make me look flawless, but also natural. We wanted to create a range that did just that for every woman, create gorgeous, glowing skin with products that were simple and easy to use, but were also good for you.

Myself and Kim have worked both in-front-of and behind the cameraai??i??s for a long time so felt that this shared knowledge of product and what works gave us the solid experience and passion to create and launch Wild about Beauty.

In a market rich with new beauty launches, what makes Wild About Beauty different?

Weai??i??re different in that weai??i??re a cool, fresh and edgy makeup brand that is not only naturally beneficial but also really works. We donai??i??t compromise on anything, we have scoured the market for formulas that are ai???good for youai??i??, will perform but weai??i??ll never compromise on ingredients.

What are your hero products from the Wild About Beauty range?

I love our Multi-Purpose Tint in 01 Lynne, I use it everyday, itai??i??s just so quick and easy to use and great for when Iai??i??m on the run. Which seems to be most of the time! I also couldnai??i??t live without our Golden Skin Glow. I love having a natural sun-kissed look and this gives just that. Honestly, every time I wear this I am always asked if Iai??i??ve been on holiday!

Sum up the Wild About Beauty look?

Itai??i??s all about enhancing your natural beauty and not masking it, using makeup to create glowing, healthy looks but giving people the opportunity to create their own individuality and twist on that.

Whatai??i??s been the best thing about working on a new beauty range?

Iai??i??ve always known I wanted to have and run my own business, and this just feels right.

Itai??i??s been fab being able to really get my teeth into something that I wholly believe in and feel passionate about. Itai??i??s been amazing to develop products that weai??i??re proud of. I just canai??i??t wait for lots of other women to discover them.

What one makeup item can you NEVER leave the house with out?

It has to be Lip Balm. Summer, winter, day or night Iai??i??ll always have one in my handbag! Our Nutrilips Balm is packed with Vitamin E and Shea Butter so they feel really hydrating, definitely one of my Wild about Beauty staples.

Can you tell us any of your beauty secrets?

I definitely believe in a good nights sleep. I tend to look my worst when Iai??i??m tired and stressed so really try to find time to relax and unwind when I can.

Keep your eye out for Wild About Beauty launching this month in store and online at House of Fraser.

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