Want to know the best mascaras? Here’s Our top 5 picks

When it comes to mascaras I’m not one to experiment. There’s been far too many times I’ve been burnt by the promise of fuller, longer, show stopping lashes and what do I end up with? Short, clumpy, spiders legs…not a good look for a girl in the beauty industry!

If this dilemma sounds familiar to you then worry no more? I’ve taken it upon myself to carry out EXTENSIVE mascara research to bring you my top 5 picks so you never need worry about sporting spiders legs again…You’re welcome!

The Functional One

Givenchy Phenomenai??i??Eyes Waterproof Mascara













For those who love waterproof formulasAi??Givenchy Phenomenai??i??Eyes Waterproof Mascara is ideal. It’s noticeably lighter in texture as well as the jazzy applicator which helps to mould your lashes to however you want them.

The Luxury One













For the more discerning ladies like myself out there, AKA a sucker for fancy packaging the YSL Shocking mascara is a must have. If you like the ‘false lash effect’ there’s no perfect match. not to mention how flash you look pulling this out on the train to work!

The New One














For the more natural of you, you can’t get much better than Benefit They’re Real. It promises to lengthen, curl, volumise, lift and separate, creating natural lashes at their very best.

The UpdatedAi?? One

Dior New Look Mascara














The newest member of the Diorshow team is the Dior New Look Mascara. the beauty of this mascara is the brush, it’s ‘nano’ style so coats every lash helping enhance volume whilst thickening and separating for a perfectly put together look.

The Technical One













The Clinique Bottom Lash mascara is truly a gem of a find. As the name suggests it’s specially formulated to coat those difficult to reach, delicate bottom lashes without clumping and this all down to the perfectly sized brush. a must for any lash lover!

What are your favourite mascaras?

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