Whatai??i??s in my Makeup Bag ai??i?? Jess, Assistant Category Manager





This week we caught up with Jess, our Assistant Category Manager for Beauty, to have a good rifle through her makeup bag. Jess is an expert on our beauty brands and knows everything about the latest launches in the world of beauty. We just couldnai??i??t wait to take a peek in her makeup bagai??i??


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So, whatai??i??s in your makeup bag?

My Clinique Chubby Stick gives amazing colour and luscious shine – the colour range is fantastic too. If I’m not popping this on my lips I love to use the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in Old Hollywood, a bold red which is great for drinks after work. Not a day goes by when I donai??i??t use my Chanel Eyelash Curlers, as I strive to have defined lashes with a dramatic curl, and my favourite mascara at the moment is the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara.

If my makeup needs touching up during the day I always reach for Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder Makeup as it removes any shine and ensures my skin looks flawless! Benefit Fake Up is amazing for concealing dark circles under the eyes… It’s creamy and hydrating which means it doesn’t crease at all. I also love Benefit Fine One One as it’s quick and easy to apply… Just swipe on the cheeks and blend out! It keeps me looking bright and adds a bit of colour to my cheeks too. Nars the Multiple is also great to use while on the go, and Orgasm is a beautiful colour for the whole year round.


Whatai??i??s your favourite beauty product at the moment?

Currently I am lovingAi??Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara as I’m obsessed with my lashes and am always keen to try new lash products.


What beauty launch are you most looking forward to this year?

I’ve seen top secret pictures of Bobbi Brown’s Christmas Collection… It looks absolutely beautiful!



See the previous Whatai??i??s in my Makeup Bag articles

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