Whatai??i??s Your Skintone?


Itai??i??s happened to the best of us: we go out and buy our foundation, get it home and realise it is completely the wrong colour. Something that seemed a perfect match in the store now appears a completely different colour, because it’s difficult to judge our makeup under harsh lighting. There is a lot to take into account when it comes to making sure that our makeup is a perfect fit for our skintone. We asked expert beauty bloggers to come up with tips for picking the perfect makeup for your skintone.



People with a warm skin tone often have:

  • Red/brown hair
  • Brown/hazel or green eyes

These are of course just a guide, as somebody with blonde hair could still have a warm skintone. A warmer skintone means you have yellow or golden undertones to your skin and a yellow based foundation would be good for you. Earth tones will look beautiful with your complexion and peach and golden blushes will enhance your natural beauty.


Elaine Atkins


Elaine Atkins from http://www.torontobeautyreviews.com/

Knowing your skin tone is extremely important so you can find the perfect match of foundation and know which colours suit you best. You also need to remember that your skintone may change with the seasons. I would actually ask a trusted makeup artist to help you determine your skinai??i??s undertone. They can look at your skin more objectively as they will have worked with many different skintones. I am very fair with a definite yellow undertone. I like using a BB cream for coverage and a mineral powder to even out my skin. I apply foundation with my fingers by dotting it on. I buff it into my skin with a flat top brush, then I soften and blend lines with a beauty blender sponge for a natural finish. Learn how to use and apply your makeup properly as you will get better results and less waste, so your product will last longer.



Betzy CarmonaBetzy Carmona from http://www.betzysmakeup.com/

I think in order to pick the right foundation knowing your skintone is a must. The easiest way to determine your skin undertone is to do the “vein test”. Stand by natural day light and see if your wrist veins are blue or green. If they are blue you are cool toned, and if they happen to be green you are warm toned. I have warm skin toned that happens to be a light to medium colour. My favourite part of my makeup routine is applying foundation, I love to see the before and after. When it comes to foundation the formula is what decides how it’s applied. However I’m not a fan of sponge applicators, I stick to brushes or fingers.



Clare Tooth


Clare Tooth from http://ateeniebitofthisandthat.blogspot.co.uk/

I think it is really important to know what skin type and skintone is because different foundations have different undertones to them, so you need to pick the correct one that matches your skin. I have a very light skintone. I always have to search for the lightest shade foundation on the high street and sometimes it is very tricky. Test the foundation on the outer arm or chest as they receive the same amount of daylight/sunlight as your face so they should match well. Find a foundation that matches your skintone perfectly, once you have a good base everything else will fall into place.



Elle Woo



Elle Woo from http://lipstickndlace.blogspot.co.uk/

Your skintone is possibly one of the most important things to know when it comes to purchasing makeup. Whether your complexion is cool, neutral or warm can affect everything from your foundation shade to the colours of eyeshadow and lipstick that will look best on you. The easiest way to determine your skinai??i??s undertones is to ask a representative at the counter to assess your tone for you. My favourite product for my type of skintone is the Urban Decay Naked Palette because it has all the warm toned shadows I could ever need on a daily basis. I love putting on eye makeup, my eyes are one of my favourite features of my face to highlight so I always enjoy applying eyeshadow, liner and mascara.




People with a cool skin tone often have:

  • Dark brown/black hair
  • Dark brown/black/grey eyes

If you think that you have a cool skintone you will be likely to have more pink or red undertones. Cool skintones are a little rarer than warm but there are still plenty of makeups and colours to suit you. Try to get yourself a foundation with a pinkish tint and jewel toned eyeshadows look lovely on you.


Hannah SayersHannah Sayers from http://lovelifeandmakeup.blogspot.ie/

It is so important to know your skintone, as not only will you be able to pick better hair, clothing, and makeup colours to suit you, but you will also be able to look after your skin better. There are a few different ways of finding your skintone and a few simple rules can help to determine it, but there are of course always exceptions to any rule. If you tan easily and don’t burn your skintone is more likely to have a yellow undertone. Whereas if you do burn easily and don’t tan you are more likely to have a pink undertone. I am cooled toned. I’m very pale, I burn easily, and I have pink undertones to my skin. However don’t be mistaken if you suffer with rosacea or red flushes, that does not mean you have a pink tone thatai??i??s a separate skin concern. Benefit Highbeam is a beautiful highlight for cool tones; itai??i??s a pink toned liquid highlight which is amazing. I use a small amount on my cheek and brow bone, cupids bow and close to the inner eye to make my eyes appear bigger.

Testing foundation is the most important makeup item to test properly. Swatching on your hand is not going to cut it! Apply a small amount to where you want the makeup to match (whether itai??i??s your face or neck). If you can bring a friend to help you thatai??i??s ideal, even take a walk outside into natural lighting and see which is closest match to your skin. Lighting in shops isn’t the best for testing makeup so going outside and having a look is your best bet to getting the closest match possible. A good concealer can hide a multitude of sins or dark circles to make you seem more awake.



Arguably the luckiest of the lot are those of you with a neutral skintone with qualities of warm and cool. You have the best of both worlds in terms of choosing colours when it comes to eyeshadows and lipsticks as the majority will look good on you. Matching your foundation can be a little trickier as you may find that some months you need a yellow based foundation and others you need a pink based foundation. It may even be beneficial to mix your own colour in order to get it just right. If the tips donai??i??t point you in one direction more than the other then the chances are you are neutral toned, although you may prefer to lean one way when it comes to choosing colours.


Kelly GouldKelly Gould from http://www.gouldylox.com/

Not matching your skintone is one of the easiest mistakes to make! Itai??i??s complicated, as there are undertones and under eye circles, not to mention the occasional breakout! Itai??i??s not uncommon to have aAi??naturallyAi??mismatched neck and face, which is why understanding your skintone (and how to match it) is so important. Donai??i??t be afraid to ask for help. Matching your undertone is so important. If you don’t, your foundation will never look quite right. Iai??i??m Irish and very fair. That said, my face and neck donai??i??t match at all, which makes choosing the right shade really tricky. I also have a bit of sun damage that looks dark yellow-y brown and blotchy. However, my neck is almost as fair as driven snow. Iai??i??ve found that matching my neck with a neutral tone works well on my face.



ZoeZoe from http://www.zoenewlove.com/

Itai??i??s important to know your skin tone otherwise you will end up buying the wrong foundation for your skin. If you choose the wrong foundation, your skin will end up looking ashy and dull. Yes, it may match your skin, but if it doesnai??i??t match your undertone you will end up looking like you are wearing a mud mask. I have a neutral skintone, but I sway to wearing warmer tones. When trying on a new foundation, always remove any make-up you may already be wearing first, and test it not just on your jawline, but on your neck and by the side of your nose too. The jawline will match the foundation to your skin, but you want to make sure it will blend well into your neck too! The ai???side of your noseai??? test is great for people with oily skin as you can see how well the foundation sits in this area.



Products to suit your skintone

Warm skintones may like to try…

LAURA MERCIER Shimmer Bloc GUERLAIN Ombre Eclat 4 Shade Eyeshadow 14 Les Fauves WILD ABOUT BEAUTY Nutrilips Colour SPF 15


Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden


Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shade Eyeshadow in 14 Les Fauves


Wild about Beauty Nutrilips Lipstick in Violet


Cool skintones may like to try:

YVES SAINT LAURENT Rouge Pur Couture URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Shimmer Evidence YVES SAINT LAURENT Ombres 5 LumiA?res -Colour Harmony For Eyes Lilac Sky

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in 50

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Shimmer in Evidence

Yves Saint Laurent Ombres 5 Lumieres No. 11


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