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We’ve all suffered from a shiny face at some point, especially during the summer months when the weather is balmy and the air is slightly muggy. While a dewy finish can make you look glowing, you definitely don’t want an oil slick situation going on! The most obvious option to tackle oil is to use powder, but this can result in a cakey complexion, especially when you’re topping up during the day. Step up Wild about Beauty Mattifying Balm. A dab on the t-zone instantly mattifies the skin, which means it’s perfect for on-the-go touch ups throughout the day. We now have one on our desk at all times in case of an emergency!

We put this to the test…

A balmai??i??? Used as a primerai??i??? And a makeup touch up solution? I obviously had to check this out! After using this for a week I have discovered that it gives an easy and even application, so when used as a primer this gives an even coverage, and when used to touch up your makeup it takes that unwanted shine off your face. This definitely makes a noticeable difference to your skin.

I often notice that my face starts to feel different throughout the day; it can be dry and tight in certain areas, or get oily throughout the day if I am out and about. I donai??i??t like to apply too much powder based make-up because I feel it can look quite cakey and make lines more obvious. I also really like products that are free of toxins and this product ticks all of the boxes. I think the key way to avoid looking slathered in makeup is to be really careful to only apply a small amount of the Mattifying Balm. This will give a really soft finish and keep the shine at bay.


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Wild About Beautyai??i??s Mattifying Balm is the perfect size for any handbag. It’s is a light-weight, completely colourless balm that conceals shine and troublesome oily areas. Although the product is quite an odd consistency, almost Vaseline like, it instantly mattifies and freshens up the skin. The balm comes with a sponge applicator and can be used both before and after the application of foundation. On occasion, when I opted to use the product for touch ups over the top of my make up, I found that it slightly smudged my foundation base, so for me personally it worked best as a primer, as it gave a lovely smooth base which stayed put all day, without the need to reapply.

I used this balm on holiday for a little touch up throughout the day and it worked wonders. Easy to apply and silky smooth, I definitely recommend this wonder product by Wild About Beauty. A little goes along way, so I only needed to apply a tiny dab to my chin and forehead, plus its super long lasting. Iai??i??d only use this on bare skin or with a lightweight foundation as it didnai??i??t blend well with my faithful matte foundation that I tend to wear for work. All in all, itai??i??s a great product that has become a welcome addition to my summer beauty routine.

I naturally have quite oily skin so day-to-day I regularly struggle with shine. A long working day sandwiched between a stressful (and in summer, stuffy) commute across London means that my make up needs to stand up to a lot. I already use a primer under foundation which really helps but come 4pm my base has already done an 8 hour shift and needs refreshing. I had used a mattifying balm before but found it to be quite heavy, waxy and difficult to apply. Wild About Beautyai??i??s Mattifying Balm came as a pleasant surprise ai??i?? with a light texture and super soft sponge it its easy to apply (I adopted a blotting method so not to move my make up) and leaves skin shine free and looking a little more even. Itai??i??s a permanent fixture in my handbag now for those fix-up moments and unexpected post-work drinks when my make up does some over time.


Have you tried the Wild about Beauty Mattifying Balm?

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