Salmon Monday evening supper

Dinnerai??i??s Served: Try a twist on a Monday evening classic

Although weai??i??re no longer craving warming winter stews and carb-heavy meals, it is still perhaps a little ambitious to start up the barbeque for a summer, aprA?s-office supper. Sunny-Sunday afternoon bbqai??i??s are one thing, but itai??i??s not like weai??i??re in a heat wave (ai??i??yet! We challenge you, oh British skies!). So we turn to a […]

Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcake Nests

Baking Easter Treats: Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcake Nests

Make the most of the four day weekend – aka your mini Easter holiday break – and enjoy a spot of baking with the whole family. Why not try out our recipe for these rich and moist chocolate cupcake nests with Easter eggs and chocolate flakes. These little cakes are ridiculously difficult to resist – […]

Easter holiday fun activities with kids easter eggs

Easter Holiday: Fun things to do with your kids

This springtime, donai??i??t assume that youai??i??ll get sunshine and warm weather to allow you to take family picnics, set up Easter egg hunts and play games in the park. By all means if you find yourself in the moment, take the kids out for the day; but as the phrase would have it, plan for […]

French Chocolate Cake

Sweeter Than Spring: French Chocolate Cake

  If you are as disappointed with the lack of spring-like weather this spring as we are, you may just find yourself craving some sweet salvation; sound familiar? Well for us chocolate wins hands down every time. As such, this devilishly good French Chocolate Cake, inspired by the grandest cakes of Parisian royalty evokes just […]

Cake and Tea with Mum on Mother's Day

Tea and Cakes with Mum: Motherai??i??s Day Treats

Whatever your weekend plans for Friday and Saturday, you canai??i??t forget Mothering Sunday (10th March ai??i?? just in case it did slip your mind!) Itai??i??s the official day to spoil your mum rotten, though many would probably admit that they should spend more time with their mums and take the opportunity more often than not […]

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