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Prepare your home for winter

Is it just me or this week is getting cooler and cooler? Autumn is definitely here and it’s now time to indulge in a relaxing and comforting home. But before you put the kettle on, take a good read or just start to watch a new TV show, make sure your home is prepared for […]


Home trend : Get the Industrial look

It might sound strange but I have to admit I can’t wait for autumn to be definitely here – Wearing cute jumpers and snuggling at home drinking hot chocolate… but the Universe seems to be playing with us a little bit – when it looks cold in the morning it’s actually quite hot for the […]


A decadent home with Biba

This week, we’re celebrating the second birthday of Biba’s re launch in House of Fraser. You obviously know everything about the Biba clothing line but did you know about the glamorous homeware range? From bed linen to home decor accessories, the collection will surely please any Biba lovers. Just like the clothing collection, the Biba […]


Keep an eye on a retro clock with Newgate

Tick Tock Tick Tock! Stop spending precious minutes of your day looking for your phone wondering “What time is it? Where’s my phone?!!” and get a proper clock once and for all! Fan of all things 50’s and 60’s? Then you’re in luck with the Newgate Clocks – they give an authentic retro style to […]

5200XL range side shot - white background

40 years of culinary innovation with Magimix

It’s already been 40 years that Magimix brought in our kitchens the first food processor. Invented in France, this machine was a true revolution for the 60’s modern housewife: simple and easy to use, robust, quicker to do any cooking tasks and with a beautiful and smart design, Magimix’s first food processor soon became a […]

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