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Dress Your Kids up for World Book Day!

As schools start to plan for World Book Day, weai??i??ve got you all prepped out already! You wonai??i??t need to rummage through your kidsai??i?? wardrobes last-minute ( we know that feeling!) as we show you how to dress your kids up with our gorgeous clothes. Prepare for the compliments in the playground, mums!


Letai??i??s go to the Carnival, Kids!

Sunday 30th August is officially Childrenai??i??s day at Notting Hill Carnival in London. Go and watch the dancers and performers show off their extravagant costumes and spin, twirl and jump to the Caribbean rythmns. It lasts from 10am- 8:30pm, so hereai??i??s how you can enjoy the day with the little ones to the fullest.


Regatta knows that the walk to and from school can be stressful for parents, so they’ve put together an Adventure Guide and we love it! Start walking to school with your kids now that the sun’s out – it will make for a great start to the day.

Your half term day trip diary

Weai??i??ve got your back, mums! Itai??i??s easy to get stressed out about half term with your kids running around the house like loonies. What on earth are you going to do!? Fear not, we have your half term diary sortedai??i?? Ai?? Saturday 23rd May Puppet performers at the Museum of London Learn about street musicians, […]

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A skincare offer you donai??i??t want to miss

Itai??i??s time to rejoice! When you spend over A?40 on skincare at House of Fraser, you can choose a free gift from Murad, Clarins, Origins or Shiseido. So which gift is for you?  

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