Tips for Working Mums

Every mum struggles with juggling their time; itai??i??s part of the job and balancing work life and family life can sometimes feel impossible. Weai??i??ve put together a few tips for working mums with the help of some mums who are doing this on a daily basis.

The family that eats together – stays together


Emily, founder of A Mummy Too says:
Juggling time as a working parent is never easy. Meal planning is key for us – we sit down together and write the week’s meals on a board, then I jump online and order all the groceries we’ll need. It means we avoid last minute stops at the supermarket on the way home from work, which means more time round the table together. We also try to get the kids involved with cooking, even if they’re just scrubbing spuds, it means we’re all in the same room chatting through the day, instead of stuck at opposite ends of the house.

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen is great way to get jobs done whilst spending time with them; you can even get them their own aprons and utensils.


A good routine makes more Mum and Dad time


Jenny, founder of JB Mum of One says:
I have found a regular routine to be so important and settled both of my children into a regular feeding/sleeping/bathing routine at just a few weeks old. They took to this easily and by seven pm, are asleep in their room leaving my husband and I the evening to ourselves. It is lovely to still have this time together, alone. Although leaving them for the first time was hard, I settled back into my job as an optometrist quickly and, although being a Mum is the best job in the world, it was nice to feel a bit like the old me again.


Make the most of your weekends


Emma, founder of Mellow Mummy says:
Even after 4 years as a working mum, occasionally I feel I’m missing out on valuable time with my daughters. When I’m feeling down, I remind myself that my career defines me nearly as much as motherhood and I find a little extra mummy-time such as an evening baking extravaganza with my girls. When I get home from work it can be tempting to put off the chores until the weekend. I’ve learned to distribute the boring bits throughout the week so that I can spend the weekend with my girls – lazy mornings, fun family days out and lots of cuddles.

If youai??i??re looking for something fun to do with the family why not try a game or puzzle that the whole family can do together? Take a look at the great range we have here.


Decide what is important to you & do ask for help


Claire, founder of Claire Fuller: Coaching & Mentoring says:
There IS time for work, family and YOU. My 7 Tips to make this possible:
1. Always plan your day
2. Focus on what you want to achieve each day
3. Prioritise regularly throughout the day (not just first thing)
4. Make time for YOU at regular intervals throughout your week
5. Know that you are doing your best at all times
6. Be present in the moment, whether at work or at play
7. Ask for help whenever you need it ai??i?? we cannot be superwoman; we can be well organised


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