Christmas Carole: What You Think SHE Wants – What SHE Really Wants

With only nearly two weeks to go until the magical day darlings, if you haven’t boughtAi?? your presents yet you better hurry hurry. Being the festive expert I am, I scooped up my little lot months ago didn’t I dears,Ai?? but if you have been a tad neglectful of your list my little elves, not to worry, I’m here to pass on my years of experience.

Although you may not have thought it, over the years Mr C has made the odd gift giving faux pas bless his cotton socks. The trouble is dearies is that his heart is in the right place, but that doesn’t often mean his choice of presents is. Poor sweetie. So for all those worried little puddings out there who don’t know what to buy their special Christmas angel, here are some words of wisdom…

Now I do love to play hostess my dears, especially around Christmas time, and when entertainingAi?? I go all out. My table must look simply divine darlings meaning napkin rings are a must, and these are simply gorgeous. But do I want the man I love to buy them for me for Christmas…? Ive got my eye on a ring of the more fabulous kind in the form of a must-have cocktail ring. Now that’s fashion darling… Ai??

Napkin Rings V Cocktail Ring

Wedgewood Love Knots Napkin RingsJewelEver Pearl Stone Ring

Being a modern woman, I’m not a slave to the kitchen as Mr C and I share the culinary duties with the occasional Santa’s little helper lending a hand, but I do always like to be organized when it comes to my turn to rustle up dinner. If your lovely lady also has a knack for timing everything to perfection, doesn’t mean she will like to find a kitchen timer at the bottom of her stocking, no matter how helpful it is. Why not get her a timepiece of the more stylish kind sweetie and you might get a kiss under the mistletoe…

Kitchen Timer V Timepiece

Joseph Joseph 60 Minute Kitchen Timer -Radley Rose Gold Bracelet Watch

Does your sweetheart love treating herself to manicure? I myself always go for a ever fabulous reindeer red shade to match Mr C’s attire. We ladies wouldn’t want to ruin our nails after going to so much effort, but rather than a trusty oven glove, why not opt for something a tad more luxurious my lovelies? Butter soft gloves work much better with our butter soft hands…

Oven Gloves V Leather Gloves


Linea Floral Oven GloveDents Leather Gloves

Now you know me by now my loves, I do enjoy the odd festive tipple don’t you know. Christmas time is the ideal time to fill up on your favourite mulled wine and I can see myself sipping from theseAi?? gorgeous wine glasses, but I’m sure like me, your lovely lady was rather hoping for a week on a beach somewhere where she can wear her brand new designer sunglasses…merry Christmas indeed!

Pied a Terre Metallic Swirl Wine GlassesRalph Lauren Sunglasses

Festive wishes my darlings and hope you get all you heart desire this Christmas x Carole

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